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HIGNFY? No, and neither has Peter.

Simon Mayo | 06:04 UK time, Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Morning to bloggers old, new and just visiting. You are all very welcome. Thanks for the sympathy re robbers-with-no-taste, I think the only thing lost was some anti-perspirant from the gym bag. Half used. Not a great haul really is it?

I notice it's the Brit Awards tonight and also that I wont be going. This is for 2 reasons;firstly I am not invited and secondly I'm not really that bothered. As I might have mentioned before, one of the reasons the Folk Awards is so brilliant is that it is full of great musicians and a respectful, enthusiastic crowd. By contrast, the Brits in my opinion, as an event to sit and watch, is full of mixed quality artists and peopled by an indifferent crowd (record companies and guests on the lash). Some of the acts will be spectacular of course and will boost their sales considerably but I wouldn't hold your breath for a heart-warming spectacle. I will choose to follow the AC MIlan/Spurs match, though heartache is almost inevitable. Without Gareth Bale, that's an uphill struggle I fear.

Today we welcome Peter Sissons, the veteran newsman who has a new memoir "When One Door Closes'. He's caused a bit of a fuss recently with his claim that the BBC 'has a left-wing mindset' but the book is much broader than that, looking back over his 45 year career. So let's do THE NEWS and JOURNALISTS for the songs today, your top suggestions gladly received!

Also today Matt talks live to Lord Coe on the Olympics schedule for 2012.

Have a steady, reassuring Tuesday. See you after 5.


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