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Get the ginger beer on ice!

Simon Mayo | 07:27 UK time, Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Morning all and welcome to bloggers old and new. I'm hoping the blog won't jump, shimmy or shudder today, though these things, as you might realise, are out of my control. I'll blame the weather. Of course it's raining, it's February half-term.

Today we offer you Mary Wilson, founder member of The Supremes, originally The Primettes. She left in 1977 and has, what might be best described, as a complicated relationship with Diana Ross. The much vaunted re-union tour in 2000 faded away as fans refused to support a tour that didn't have Mary (or Cindy Birdsong) in it. She has been proposing a bill in the USA that bans impostor groups from performing under the names of 50s and 60s bands like The Marvelettes and of course, The Supremes. Anyway I think she'll be fascinating and she's here on tour. On the poster it says 'Mary Wilson of the Original Supremes' just so we are clear about that. The Chi-Lites are supporting, and I can only assume that'll be the original Chi-Lites, not some outfit from Cardiff or somewhere.

And on the songs, let's do the books of ENID BLYTON. The author of The Famous Five, The Secret Seven and hundreds of others, is also responsible for the newly discovered 'Mr Tumpy's Caravan'. Hoorah! Lets go on camp and stumble on a circus full of bad'uns! You get the dog and we'll walk across the moor, falling in with some swarthy ne'er-do-wells on the way. This is too much fun for one day. BLYTON songs please!

Have a ripping and terrific Wednesday but remember not to bother Uncle Quentin. See you after 5


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