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Discs, painful and beautiful.

Simon Mayo | 07:05 UK time, Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello bloggers near and far, new and old, regular and irregular etc. Welcome to our Friday here on Drivetime with an All Request Friday hovering like a shimmering mirage on the horizon. We'll get there, but some work to do first...

Yesterday was an Emmylou Harris/Yogi Bear day for me. So we'll start with the good news. I recorded a chat with Emmylou for Drivetime as she has a new album out 'Hard Bargain'. I've met her before for her 'Stumble Into Grace' album in 2003 but she is such an iconic singer that it was great to meet up again. The opening song 'The Road' is a look back at her time with Gram Parsons and there is a tribute to her old friend Kate McGarrigle who died last year. Interviewing Emmylou and Mary Wilson is, of course, one of the privileges of the job; both full of stories, memories and songs that could fill a whole evening.

While I was still in the mood, I bought 2 other Emmylou albums yesterday: Luxury Liner and Blue Kentucky Girl. I can think of no better way to ease a permanently achey back than the hottest bath possible, a glass of something appropriate and ELH singing her way through her late 70s repertoire.

A new morning and the back still hurts but it was nice while it lasted. Just the one show today so plenty of time for the osteopath to work his magic and stick his needles where it hurts most. Then a quick run round the park, a gym work out and some heavy lifting and ARF will be ready to go. Those blistering opening songs now being received.

Oh and Yogi? It's 80 minutes that feels like 180. For the youngest amongst us only, and only then if nothing else is available.

Have a wild and thrilling Friday, see you after 5.


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