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Calm down dear

Simon Mayo | 09:13 UK time, Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Morning all, a fine Wednesday to you all. Last night really was a great one for Spurs fans who love Mumford and Sons and Laura Marling. And that's me! I watched none of the Brits (see yesterday) but really pleased that some great talent has won some of the top prizes. Long live the banjo, and long live Peter Crouch. Watching your team win away at the San Siro is so much fun (a sentence I never thought I'd type) and the fact they all lost their heads made it a very satisfactory evening all round. Deep joy, as Stanley Unwin would have said.

Today we welcome Michael Winner to talk movies and food. Everyone has an opinion on Michael and often quite a strong one. He is about to be feted in LA with a 3 day tribute festival but is not, it seems to me, really well regarded as a director in the UK. As a critic and insurance seller yes, movie maker, no. His book is "Unbelievable!", an account of his days in hotels and restaurants with stars like Marlon Brando, Anthony Hopkins and Sophia Loren. Mr Winner after 6.

So we should do RESTAURANTS, DINERS and CAFES please on the songs tonight. Place your order below...

Have a really rather engaging and fascinating Wednesday, see you after 5.


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