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Blame the chef

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Simon Mayo | 08:24 UK time, Friday, 11 February 2011

I fear we may have messed up the studio for Chris this morning. First thing I remember from this morning was hearing Chris complaining about the smell of fish in the studio. This, I think , can only be the kedgeree from yesterday. What with it being fish AND curry I'm afraid we left the studio in a smelly state last night. An unpleasant way to start the day, though the dish itself (as I knew it would be) was a pleasant surprise. I suggested that we all live in a big Drivetime commune, that way Nigel can cook for us all the time. No one was that interested really.
Double show day starts early with an interview with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for 'Paul', their new sci-fi geek comedy. You might be relieved to know that it is whole lot better than the trailer. This is a relief as the trailer is rubbish. That's all for 5 Live this afternoon starting at 2 and we also have a chat with Ethan Cohen, one of the directors of True Grit. Then it's on to the tube (back playing up, avoid the bike) to Radio 2 for the mighty ALL REQUEST FRIDAY. It's still the best start to the weekend I've ever heard and we love all the calls, texts, emails,tweets and blogs. I think I'm spending the weekend (or some of it) down a mine. I will report back, there is a point to it.
Have a refreshing, invigorating Friday, see you after 2/5.

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