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All rise

Simon Mayo | 08:53 UK time, Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Greetings again to all bloggers. February half-term always feels a bleak week as the search for spring becomes ever more frantic. "Surely it can't be this ghastly all week?" always seemed to be the cry. To which the honest answer was always "Yes, quite easily." And so it was that the search for things to do carried on and we ended up in some of the most rubbish 'tourist attractions' this country has to offer. Dinosaur parks, Mr Blobby castles and the worst mazes ever created were all given Mayo patronage. It's a phase of family life I am happy to have left behind. Umbrellas up. Science Museum here we come.

While all of Radio 2 seems off on half-term (apart from Chris and me) we offer you the silky smooth charms of Nigel Havers. The Charmer returns. He's in a new series of Lunch Monkeys for BBC3 in which he plays senior solicitor Mike Cranford in a Manchester law firm who specialise in personal injuries. Now this coincides with a new legal drama series on BBC1 tonight called Silk. So on the songs, it's time to do the LAW, SOLICITORS, BARRISTERS, QC'S and all their ilk.

Have an engaging and illuminating Tuesday, see you after 5


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