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We are all sages now

Simon Mayo | 09:29 UK time, Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Frantic school run, computer crashing and 3 screaming foxes chasing each other round the garden. All before 9.30. It'll be calmer from now on. Good morning all bloggers, hope all is well with you. Matt Le Blanc, Stephen Mangan and Nicole Kidman all delivered yesterday in the safety of a recorded interview. You can hear Matt and Stephen on Monday's show and Nicole in February. I can report that Matt is delightful and posed very happily for photos with Bob Harris. More of this on Monday.

Today we offer you Hugh Dennis, star of Outnumbered and Mock The Week who has a new TV comedy show this week 'Fast and Loose' and is on tour with Steve Punt at the moment. Hugh just after 6.

And did you raise a glass to Miriam O'Reilly last night? Her employment tribunal ruled she had been the victim of age discrimination when she was dropped from Countryfile. The BBC has apologised and many an over-40 (shall we say) would have felt encouraged that the wrinkle-free don't have it all their way. So let's do OLDIES for OLDIES. Celebrate the wisdom and loveliness of those are NOT QUITE AS YOUNG as, well, youngsters. But we know so much more than they do.

Have a stress free and energising Wednesday. See you after 5.


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