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Keep that tinsel up

Simon Mayo | 08:46 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011

Watching Chris and Elton live in (what I think of as) the Drivetime studio and Chris has just taken his hat off. He says he's dyed it for TV and it's overdone but looks pretty good on my screen. So far Chris is revealing more than Sir Elton (apart from a little anglo-saxon every now and again)..

Last night a mad dash after the show to see child 2 in a school play-curtain up 7.30! Thats pressure. Nothing more pressured than knowing that your absence WILL be noticed and you CANNOT arrive late as everyone will notice. Plus, you have the presents for the producer in the boot. I did shout a wee bit at the dreadful drivers who were DELIBERATELY getting in the way but all was well and I was there with seconds to spare. And the show was a triumph and she was a star.

2 shows today of course. Movies with Mark at 2-Sam Riley our guest from "Brighton Rock" and the mighty ALL REQUEST FRIDAY from 5 on 2. Get that first song down now!

Have a chilled and calming Friday, see you at 2 and 5 on 5 and 2.


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