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It's all fenugreek to me

Simon Mayo | 08:30 UK time, Thursday, 20 January 2011

Greetings to all bloggers wherever you may be, a manic tail chasing day beckons. An ideal day would consist of calmly preparing for the show, reading the papers, listening to a few new albums, chortling at the latest bunch of confessions, a leisurely lunch with pudding and a stroll through a park. None of that will happen today. Full speed, full on, non stop. Breathless, I will stagger into Drivetime looking forward to a sit down. The most exciting thing will be repeating an interview I recorded with film director Ron Howard. I did one yesterday but it turned out later that nothing recorded. He has graciously agreed to do it all again. Same questions but in a different order I suspect.

Nigel is on today of course and while nothing could top the treacle sponge last week (apart from another one) he has promised something meaty in a spicy thing from abroad. I think that's right. More details to come.

And still on food matters, lets do HERBS and SPICES on the tunes today. Apparently fenugreek is a wonder. It is stuffed full of anti-virals and as such could fend off the colds and sneezes that attack at this time of year. Your curry has lots you know. Eat more, it could be a superfood. We salute the humble fenugreek and its brothers and sisters in the spice rack in song.

Have a cosy and gentle Thursday, see you after 5.


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