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Simon Mayo | 06:35 UK time, Friday, 14 January 2011

Well well. That must have been the busiest blog day of all time. To be over 500 is the sort of figure that implies I've been away for a week. But I've checked and that is not the case. It is just, it seems, down to lots of clever people discussing sweetness, foxes, steak and all the other blog favourites.
I am now equipped with much fox advice, thank you. I need to test each of your ideas one by one. I shall find human hair, lion poo, dog wee (the neighbours might not tolerate the family performing No 1's in the hedges) pictures of Les Dawson and ultrasonic laser death rays. The foxes main point of interaction is our trampoline for some reason, so the toilet-based remedies are less appealing than the others really. I will pop off to the ironmongers to pick up a taser if child 3's sonic screwdriver doesn't do the trick. A quick 'tally-ho' might still work of course. Will get back to you.

2 shows again today. 5 Live with Mark K and actor/director Peter Mullan on his new film "Neds" then to the mighty ARF for 2 hours of weekend hopes and top songs. Choose that saucepan-rattling. keyboard-bashing, dashboard-pounding song here! Now!

Have a magnificent and energy-filled Friday, see you after 5. Or 2. Or both (there are alternatives).


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