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The very next day, he gave it away

Simon Mayo | 07:41 UK time, Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Morning to bloggers old and new, those who have had their Christmas lunch and those yet to indulge. Here's to a great Tuesday.
Well I said I'd tell you how it went with George Michael. As you might be aware, it didn't. He changed his mind. He decided not to do the interview which is why I told you he was on but then he changed his mind. Apologies for leading you up the garden path on this one but I kind of assumed he'd stick to his decision to appear, that's how this whole guest thing works. But he obviously sees it differently which is his choice. I think it's unlikely he'll be appearing on Drivetime anytime soon.

So to the wonderful Paul Carrack who plays today. I know lots of you have loved his work for many years and he's always a pleasure to listen to. His new album is a huge work with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra called 'A Different Hat'. It's fair to say it'll be a slightly more stripped back version that gets on air today. A bloke and a guitar basically. Paul's on after 6.

So our nativity oldies continue, let's do ANGELS today, please ding-donging merrily on high as they do. Apparently. Your ANGEL suggestions to be scattered like Arctic frosting throughout the show.

Have a reliable and reassuring Wednesday, see you after 5.


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