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The gas man cometh

Simon Mayo | 09:22 UK time, Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I know you were worried. But late yesterday, the man with the appropriate spanners and magic in his bag visited. And behold, he lay his hands on our pipes and the boiler did spring to life. And warmth did spread all through the house. And we gave thanks. Until it switched off again in the middle of the night. So your host could be spotted in a furry dressing gown (which may have been my wife's, it was too dark to tell) in the garden, in the dark, pouring boiling water over the condensing pipe. I hope thats right. It might have been the bayleaf plant now I come to think about it. The gas man might have to cometh again...

Anyway songs for the joys and comfort brought about by CENTRAL HEATING today. We celebrate WARMTH, RADIATORS and FIRES that keep us all going. And that we miss big time when they all pack up. You know what to do.

And top news as we bring you Bill Bailey, my favourite comedian. His new show is as splendid as ever. Clever, inspired lunacy. Comedians can be, well, tricky to interview at times but Bill has so much going on in his head that he (usually) is nothing less than fascinating. He's in at 6.

Have a thrilling and bountiful Tuesday, see you after 5.


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