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Cold as ice.

Simon Mayo | 09:16 UK time, Monday, 6 December 2010

"Ahh yes Mr Mayo, that hissing sound is your boiler dying". Great start to the week! Wondering now if Chris's boiler problems are infectious and I've passed on something hideous. My hands are shaking, the icicles forming on my nose and I'm going to read some Dickens very soon just to feel better.

Maybe the whole family should just decamp to our lovely warm studios and stay there. It's actually quite tempting. We'd be ever so quiet, I'm sure no one would notice.

Another book club day choice for you today and it's Simon Garfield's "Just My Type". We haven't done non-fiction before but this history of fonts is fascinating stuff. If you need convincing, try the sample chapters we have for you on this site. Many years ago, SImon wrote the book about Radio 1 'The Nation's Favourite' and he has always picked great topics for his writing. Helvetica versus Comic Sans and other favourites after 6.

And it's Coronation Street's 50th birthday this week so a perfect opportunity to do Corrie oldies. Your top choices below please!

Have a warm and centrally heated Monday (can I come round to yours?) and see you after 5.


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