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Chunky sweaters ahoy!

Simon Mayo | 08:05 UK time, Monday, 20 December 2010

Well that was some weekend. The Met Office got it right almost to the hour as the snow arrived mid-morning Saturday and turned our streets into a Dickens classic. By the afternoon folk were pulling their shopping around on sledges.
We ventured out to see Child 1's end of term drama show, barely no snow when we arrived, 4 inches when we came out. There then followed a splendid snowball fight in our street which only ended when, in classic Beano style, a snowball smashed our front window. I don't know if you've tried to get a glazier recently but eventually (8th call) we found one and he cheerily chiselled and putty-ed his way into our bank balance. After our boiler blow-out, I think we really are re-creating 'The Gas Man Cometh' by Flanders and Swan.
So retreating to the garden we built a skinny snowman which won't grace the cover of any Christmas card but was demanding to be built. He stood for 24 hours before a pair of foxes attacked him! We watched from the kitchen as they pushed him over and then rummaged around in his nether regions. An outrage. They ran off when we yelled at them but the damage was done. I think he'll lie there for a while now, his carrot nose poking up through the wreckage.

Showtime! Live Christmas music this week starting not with Fisherman's Friends, who are sadly snowed off, but by the wonderful Kate Rusby.

Nativity oldies this week will feature stars, wise men and gifts in that order. Our final 3 days of crib-classics start with STARS. Or maybe just STAR, the one that moved a bit apparently. Songs with stars in please in our Christmas box below.
Hope you have a well insulated, thermally comforting Monday, see you after 5.


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