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Birds and babies

Simon Mayo | 08:33 UK time, Thursday, 16 December 2010

Greetings to you all this cold and dark Thursday. Getting the feeling that some of you are breaking up already, maybe finishing for Christmas tomorrow? Some schools are off now and increasingly getting those 'off to airport' style 3 worders. And then there are those of us who will keep going till Christmas Eve. Anyway, your blogging contributions still very welcome. Indeed there would be no point in doing this without them!

Hunkering down for another cold snap and glancing nervously at the boiler every 5 minutes. Everything humming and thrumming reassuringly at the moment. As soon as it starts to clunk and grind, I'll be round your place, family in tow, asking for a room.

Loved having Paul Carrack on the show yesterday. As many listeners can attest, he is one of our unsung stars. As the voice of so many great songs with Squeeze, Mike and the Mechanics, Ace and his solo stuff, he really has a formidable back catalogue. And he's a gent. And turns up when he says he will (it's ok, I'm over it now).

Today Nigel continues his Christmas preparation with a 5 bird roast. As I understand this, it's a Russian doll arrangement with one bird inside another, inside another and so on, ending up with some kind of big bird one imagines. More with Nige at 6.

And nativity oldies. Well yesterday I thought we were doing wisemen but they wouldn't be there without a baby to bring gifts to. So it's time for the BABY songs please. All oldies linked to BABIES of some description. Then next week we can do wisemen, gifts and stars. Or chocolate Santas, fairies and aliens maybe.
Have an energising and captivating Thursday, see you after 5...


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