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Wrapping up then

Simon Mayo | 09:07 UK time, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ah there you are. Morning all. A last mild(ish) day before the big freeze we are told is coming tomorrow. Find the gloves and scarf now! Even though you only dug them out last month, they have already disappeared into the bowels of that cupboard under the stairs. And you'll only find one, buy another pair and then discover the lost one. Repeat ad nauseam.

Hope you enjoyed James Lee Burke, he really is a one off. I hope I make it to his age and have the ability to laugh like he does. Fiercely intelligent, I think you got a glimpse of the fire inside the man yesterday. Discussing neo-colonialism and Robespierre isn't something that has featured too much on Radio 2 recently (I think Dale might have mentioned it a while back) but JLB is the man to bring it up. His web-chat on-line afterwards was quite something too-hoping to read some of it out tonight.

Lenny Henry is my guest after 6 tonight, back doing a huge stand up tour around the UK. Welcome back Lenny!

And songs today for REFEREES. Ali Mitchell (welcome Ali) said yesterday that Scottish refs are planning to go on strike this weekend because of all the criticism they've had this season. So lets do oldies for the MEN IN BLACK and the WOMEN IN BLACK. With the whistle and the flag. And if you're tempted to choose that track from Ben Folds' album "Songs for Silverman", it might not make the cut. We' all have to go on a course and we wouldn't enjoy that.

Have a grateful and reflective Tuesday, see you at 5.05


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