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Walking the cannon smoke

Simon Mayo | 09:16 UK time, Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Good Morning to all Bloggers, bright and frosty and coffee fuelled here. First up, for those who asked, here are the words of James Lee Burke that I read out yesterday. This is what he wrote on our web-chat in response to 13 year old Sophie who wanted advice on becoming a writer:

Thanks, Miss Sophie. Never give up. I believe that talent comes from a hand outside us and that it is given to us for a reason. Never let the naysayers get you down. Write one day at a time and write for one reason only, to make the world in some fashion a better place. Eventually, every artist learns the following lesson: take pride in rejection and excoriation. The boos always come from the cheap seats. You stay on that old-time rock and roll and grin and walk the cannon smoke and let go of the world. It will drive your critics insane.

Now that, I would suggest, is inspirational. I hope Sophie pins it up on her wall.

Now today we have the Pet Shop Boys lined up after 6. Neil And Chris have a 'Best of..' out and will happy to tell you about it of you ask. Or we can discuss Robespierre again. Which they might prefer.
Then it's off to the Radio 2 Christmas Quiz tonight. I'm hoping that no preparation is needed or useful. The potential for making a total fool of yourself is extraordinarily high. The fact that it's all for 'fun' is no excuse. Shame and humiliation await.

And songs today please for THE ASHES which you might have noticed start tonight. Come on England and Wales (as they should be called), make those Aussies grumble and whine even more than they are already.

Have a useful and affirming Wednesday, see you at 5.05


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