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The pleasure of normal

Simon Mayo | 06:08 UK time, Thursday, 4 November 2010

Morning to bloggers wherever you are. Enjoyed yesterday's show. You can't beat Elvis C, Elton P, Robert P and Neil 4' (as we call him) but as a number of you said, it's lovely to go back to normal. The great Canadian singer Bruce Cockburn has a song "The Trouble with Normal' which, he says, is 'always getting worse'. But normal is fine by me. The key to getting the show right is to make normal pretty darn good. Make normal special. If translated into Latin, that might sound profound

A wild and warm night here means I've even opened the back door around 6 am to get see if I could get away with a cup of coffee in the dark. Probably not was the answer, particularly when I remembered the fighting foxes from last night. We have 2 foxes who spend all day lolling on my roof and then all night fighting. Many of you will know exactly what that sounds like- a wild screeching that makes you think they are attacking a child at the very least, not just having hissy fits with each other.

And this is the last day for trying a 5th NOVEMBER oldies theme what with it being ARF tomorrow an'll. So leave in the box below and retire 10 metres.

Have a beautifully normal Thursday, see you at 5.05


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