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Pass the travel rug Doris

Simon Mayo | 08:47 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

School run on tube strike day always a hoot. Job done, coffee purchased and Chris playing 'Northern Lights'. Always liked that song. Morning bloggers, hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be. Keeping warm the main task of course, then Mayo taxis swung into operation and it ploughed its lonely furrow through London's befrosted streets. No snow, much to the irritation of Child 1 who would quite like games cancelled. Seeing all the school kids pile into school with the knowledge of double rugby/football/poker is enough to make you scurry back to the warmth of the car. And be grateful you don't have to do that anymore.

Good day today with the hilarious Miranda Hart in after 6. We love the Miranda TV show in our house. If it hooks in the parents and the teens it's doing something really tricky really well. It seems to operate in the same way as 'Outnumbered', giving different generations different things to laugh at. Miranda is a 'Dr Who' show for us and we all gather round when she's on. Throw another log on the fire then for our guest Miranda Hart.

And songs today for WINTER and the COLD but no Christmas obviously. It's far too soon for that. I did hear a great choral rendition of an old Copper Family Christmas song last night and I felt Christmassy for a moment but let's keep it to the weather outside please. Just for the moment. Songs that work for the FREEZING temperatures, that would be lovely.

Have a clear-headed, warm -hearted Monday, see you at 5.505


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