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It just stopped

Simon Mayo | 08:43 UK time, Friday, 12 November 2010

Well I know you were worried but yes, I did get in. Harry Potter 7(a) last night demanded I be seated by 6.45 but in the end I bowled up at 7.10 and no one could have cared less. Especially as the speeches went on till 8.15. The Americans went on at incredible length and the Brits kept it short. Radcliffe, Watson and Grint smiled cheerily and eventually we all hunkered down for the film (all snacks and drinks long, long gone).
As you may know, I love Harry Potter, my kids being just the right age to take full advantage of the 7 books as they came out. I still remember child 1 returning from school and talking about this new book some of his friends were talking about and then trying to find it at the book store where they hadn't heard of it either. Innocent days. All of which is a preamble to saying I was disappointed in the film. It was a mistake to split it into two as it means this one just stops. The bleakness and slow pace of the first part of the book is balanced by the pace and genius of the end. So here you just get the bleakness. And the slowness.
However, it was still a great night and the kids loved it (I was hugged by Jason Isaccs, always good for kudos) and will look forward to seeing it all again in case I was wrong.

Movies today on 5 Live with 2 weeks of stuff to catch up with and hopefully Colin Farrell. Then its the mighty, untouchable, all-conquering All request Friday (hypnenated or not? Hmm) Pick a blinder...

Have a sheltered yet energising Friday.


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