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Simon Mayo | 08:45 UK time, Thursday, 18 November 2010

Morning to bloggers everywhere. Refreshed? Energised? A winning smile playing on your lips as you contemplate the opportunities of the day? Thought so.

Best moment of the day (so far) from child 3 as we walked downstairs this morning "Personally speaking , from a government point of view, I'm not impressed by the Chinese". If my old friends at 5 Live want him to book him as a foreign policy wonk, that's fine with me but it'll cost you. Chatham House, here we come.

Loved hearing the nominees for the Radio 2 Folk Awards with Mike last night, lots of fine albums to get hold of there. Good stuff, as Mike would say. Nice to hear Kris Drever get a nod in "Folk Singer of the Year" category, top man indeed. And this weekend I get to go and see the much nominated Bellowhead who do one heck of a good show. They are up for Best Group, Best Album, Best Live Act with front man Jon Boden up for "Folk Singer of the Year". Impressed yet? Watch some footage of them (you know where) and you'll see what I mean.

Confession was fun yesterday and this idea of a team confession week is a good one I feel. Clearly Sally has a lot to go at here, in fact could do a week on her own, but we'll be fair about it and do one each. December I reckon. And you bloggers need to confess too you know...

Let's do BEAR related tunes today please. Pudsey will dominate things tomorrow so let's get things going today with all things BEAR.

Cheesecake beckons tonight with Nigel! Already feeling hungry. Have a slimline, calorie burning Thursday. See you at 5.05.


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