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A Brighter Day...

Simon Mayo | 09:08 UK time, Tuesday, 9 November 2010

...Well maybe not down your way, but it is the first track on the new Doobie Brothers record 'World Gone Crazy' that is playing as I write this. And I love it. I love it because even if you've had, hypothetically, a lousy grumpy morning with a school run surrounded by drivers who are idiots, you can put the album on and you start smiling. Eventually you start to smile and then (if no one else is in earshot) actually go for the harmonies. Failing maybe but failing with style. Now I'm sounding like Buzz Lightyear. The reason for all this is that Tom Johnstone and Pat Simmons, the heart and soul of the Doobies, are on the show tonight. You may well have heard Ken play some tracks a few weeks back as album of the week, now hear Tom And Pat after 6.

Michelle Paver was lovely yesterday and the bleakness of "Dark Matter" is recommended as our book choice this week. Beautiful and scary Arctic landscape with a brutal and scary ghost to give you the creeps. Not terrifying exactly but give me this over slasher stuff anyday. And a big hooray for the mighty James Lee Burke, our new choice for the book club. "The Glass Rainbow" is the latest from James and as I said on the show yesterday, he's my favourite discovery in 9 years of doing books at 5Live. He writes like a dream, laughs like a drain and looks like a Jack Daniels ad. Not a bad combination really.

And today, let's try all things to do with TRAINS. I love trains despite everybody trying to put me off them.A new report says they're about to get even more crowded. Oh deep joy. That's as maybe. But let's do some great TRAIN tunes if you have any. Ta.

Have a cheery and confident Tuesday, see you at 5.05


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