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Here Comes The Judge!

Simon Mayo | 09:27 UK time, Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So there I was , appropriately dressed for the blizzard when child 2 decides she isn't (Who'd have thought it? A teen not dressed for the weather!). I am wearing my favourite hat (not difficult when you a look a fool in all headwear) when 2 declares she needs it more than me. And so saying she's off, looking much better than I did in it. I now have wet hair and chill around my ears but the gratitude of 2. Deal. Tomorrow I will wear a top hat, she wont want that.
Favourite hat by the way is a US army khaki peaked cap, as worn by many a folkie in the 60's (see Tom Paxton's "Peace Will Come" album cover for details). I doubt I will see it again.

Lovely Martin Shaw today. Yes It's Judge John Deed! And Doyle! And Adam Dalgliesh! He's currently starring in "The Country Girl" in London's glittering West End alongside Jenny Seagrove. I went (with a hatless 2) to see it last week and Martin is on fine form. On after 6...

And songs for the WIKILEAKS today. I reckon that means TELLING THE TRUTH and EMBARRASMENT mainly. With a side order of SECRETS. Be as clever as you wish to be.

Have a refreshing and rewarding Tuesday, see you at 5.05

Pass the travel rug Doris

Simon Mayo | 08:47 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

School run on tube strike day always a hoot. Job done, coffee purchased and Chris playing 'Northern Lights'. Always liked that song. Morning bloggers, hope your weekend was all you wanted it to be. Keeping warm the main task of course, then Mayo taxis swung into operation and it ploughed its lonely furrow through London's befrosted streets. No snow, much to the irritation of Child 1 who would quite like games cancelled. Seeing all the school kids pile into school with the knowledge of double rugby/football/poker is enough to make you scurry back to the warmth of the car. And be grateful you don't have to do that anymore.

Good day today with the hilarious Miranda Hart in after 6. We love the Miranda TV show in our house. If it hooks in the parents and the teens it's doing something really tricky really well. It seems to operate in the same way as 'Outnumbered', giving different generations different things to laugh at. Miranda is a 'Dr Who' show for us and we all gather round when she's on. Throw another log on the fire then for our guest Miranda Hart.

And songs today for WINTER and the COLD but no Christmas obviously. It's far too soon for that. I did hear a great choral rendition of an old Copper Family Christmas song last night and I felt Christmassy for a moment but let's keep it to the weather outside please. Just for the moment. Songs that work for the FREEZING temperatures, that would be lovely.

Have a clear-headed, warm -hearted Monday, see you at 5.505


Simon Mayo | 06:16 UK time, Friday, 26 November 2010

The middle of the night is a fine time for irrational thought. Woke at 3.50 for some reason (surely not that last glass?) and fumbled for the mini-radio that spends it's time lost in the bed clothes. Now that the test match is on, there is the beguiling prospect of checking how England are doing. Just a quick listen maybe.
So as I join, England have had a good spell and taken 4 wickets in one session. Ooh well maybe this'll be fun I think, so I remain tuned in to Jonathan Agnew and team AND NO MORE WICKETS FALL AT ALL. NONE! So then the madness takes hold and I think maybe it's me. It's because I've started listening. If I hadn't switched on, England's spell would have continued. So I switch off and try to get back to sleep but its too late and too early at the same time. How does that happen?
Anyway sorry for messing up a good days cricket. I'll take the blame.

Oh yes, 2 shows to do. 5 Live at 2 with Dr Kermode and movie reviews first up. Should have an interesting chat with a new director called Gareth Edwards who has 'Monsters' as his debut film. It's very impressive too and testimony to him and his team that you would never know it was all done for 10 guineas. Then on a very cold motorbike to R2 central for the mighty, all-conquering, should-go-on-till-midnight, hot-rocking, unmissable ALL REQUEST FRIDAY. Yes we are there again. Do please leave that top song idea you've been mulling over in the box below.

Have an energising and surprising Friday, see you at 2.05 or 5.05 or maybe both. Then I plan to sleep for 24 hours and not spoil anything.

And the grateful said..

Simon Mayo | 08:38 UK time, Thursday, 25 November 2010

Morning all and Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans in the UK and US bloggers (I think there are some but maybe I have gone mad). I've always thought Thanksgiving was a top festival and wished that it was that had made it over here rather than Trick or Treat. More of which in a moment...

So last night was the recording of the Radio 2 Christmas Quiz with our host Chris Evans-in the company of esteemed bloggers! I think it was Deebee, MTF and Alex Girl who braved the ravages of Notting Hill to be in the audience. It was a somewhat unrehearsed evening which, I confidently predict, will edit down nicely for a lovely Christmas evening show. There was a point half way through when I wondered why I was being so competitive, banging the buzzer for all I was worth. And I think the answer was that I was so surprised to find questions I knew the answer to, I was darned if I was going to let Tony Blackburn get all the glory! So I carried on. You can hear it on Christmas night at 9pm. I'm sure there's nothing else on.

Nigel's doing something like Chinese Water Duck today (me neither) so we'll leave a small space for Nige's latest creation after 6. And lets do THANKSGIVING for the oldies tonight, THANKS and THANKYOUS and general GRATITUDE abounds. Ideas welcome y'al.

Have a thankful, glove-wearing Thursday. See you at 5.05

Walking the cannon smoke

Simon Mayo | 09:16 UK time, Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Good Morning to all Bloggers, bright and frosty and coffee fuelled here. First up, for those who asked, here are the words of James Lee Burke that I read out yesterday. This is what he wrote on our web-chat in response to 13 year old Sophie who wanted advice on becoming a writer:

Thanks, Miss Sophie. Never give up. I believe that talent comes from a hand outside us and that it is given to us for a reason. Never let the naysayers get you down. Write one day at a time and write for one reason only, to make the world in some fashion a better place. Eventually, every artist learns the following lesson: take pride in rejection and excoriation. The boos always come from the cheap seats. You stay on that old-time rock and roll and grin and walk the cannon smoke and let go of the world. It will drive your critics insane.

Now that, I would suggest, is inspirational. I hope Sophie pins it up on her wall.

Now today we have the Pet Shop Boys lined up after 6. Neil And Chris have a 'Best of..' out and will happy to tell you about it of you ask. Or we can discuss Robespierre again. Which they might prefer.
Then it's off to the Radio 2 Christmas Quiz tonight. I'm hoping that no preparation is needed or useful. The potential for making a total fool of yourself is extraordinarily high. The fact that it's all for 'fun' is no excuse. Shame and humiliation await.

And songs today please for THE ASHES which you might have noticed start tonight. Come on England and Wales (as they should be called), make those Aussies grumble and whine even more than they are already.

Have a useful and affirming Wednesday, see you at 5.05

Wrapping up then

Simon Mayo | 09:07 UK time, Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ah there you are. Morning all. A last mild(ish) day before the big freeze we are told is coming tomorrow. Find the gloves and scarf now! Even though you only dug them out last month, they have already disappeared into the bowels of that cupboard under the stairs. And you'll only find one, buy another pair and then discover the lost one. Repeat ad nauseam.

Hope you enjoyed James Lee Burke, he really is a one off. I hope I make it to his age and have the ability to laugh like he does. Fiercely intelligent, I think you got a glimpse of the fire inside the man yesterday. Discussing neo-colonialism and Robespierre isn't something that has featured too much on Radio 2 recently (I think Dale might have mentioned it a while back) but JLB is the man to bring it up. His web-chat on-line afterwards was quite something too-hoping to read some of it out tonight.

Lenny Henry is my guest after 6 tonight, back doing a huge stand up tour around the UK. Welcome back Lenny!

And songs today for REFEREES. Ali Mitchell (welcome Ali) said yesterday that Scottish refs are planning to go on strike this weekend because of all the criticism they've had this season. So lets do oldies for the MEN IN BLACK and the WOMEN IN BLACK. With the whistle and the flag. And if you're tempted to choose that track from Ben Folds' album "Songs for Silverman", it might not make the cut. We' all have to go on a course and we wouldn't enjoy that.

Have a grateful and reflective Tuesday, see you at 5.05

Back to bed

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Simon Mayo | 06:23 UK time, Monday, 22 November 2010

And it was all going so well.
Children In Need a roaring success and a nice meet up with some of you guys before hand. Hope you enjoyed your time here and thanks for all your efforts.
The mighty Spurs triumphed at Arsenal for the first time in 17 years-cue joy unbound.
And then Bellowhead at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London put in a suitably euphoric performance, so everyone was very happy.
So it is especially galling to sit here feeling distinctly off-colour. I shall go no further except to say I can assure you I have not been over-celebrating or indulging in any way. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed so much at poor Gillian McKeith last night...
Assuming I'm all sorted before the show, I'm looking forward to talking again to James Lee Burke. His new book "The Glass Rainbow" is the latest Radio 2 Book Club choice (you can read a chapter here) and is a blinder. In nearly 9 years of doing books at 5 Live, James was my favourite guest and you'll hear why after 6.
And songs today please for the Irish bailout. Giving money, borrowing money, begging for money, you know the kind of thing.
Have a healthy,non-queasy Monday, see you at 5.05. Hopefully.

A music marathon, don't snicker

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Simon Mayo | 09:21 UK time, Friday, 19 November 2010

Greetings from a sunny office, peanut butter and marmite toast just finished and children and wife all in studies.In this Children In Need music marathon, we have the final leg, the mad dash to the finish. It's more of a relay really and Chris has, I'm sure you'll agree, has set off at an astonishing pace. Ken's just picked up the baton, Jezza will perform with his usual nonchalance before passing it to Richard who then offers it to Drivetime. If you have any money left to pledge, it would be great to take it from you...

Firstly to 5Live for some movies with Dr Mark. Today we unveil our Code of Conduct. We have had so much correspondence about trips to the cinema being spoiled by bad, thoughtless behaviour. You wont be surprised to know that talking and texting feature quite highly but you'll have to wait for the rest.

Top marks to blogger Andrew for getting into Mt Desolation and on this music marathon day when your old favourites are on all day. I'd love to know what new stuff you are listening to-even if no one else is! Share your passion now! I'm loving the new Ryan Bingham album even though I found it disappointing first time round.

Now it's your turn.

Have a generous, heart-warming Friday, see you at 5.05.

Hugs optional

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Simon Mayo | 08:45 UK time, Thursday, 18 November 2010

Morning to bloggers everywhere. Refreshed? Energised? A winning smile playing on your lips as you contemplate the opportunities of the day? Thought so.

Best moment of the day (so far) from child 3 as we walked downstairs this morning "Personally speaking , from a government point of view, I'm not impressed by the Chinese". If my old friends at 5 Live want him to book him as a foreign policy wonk, that's fine with me but it'll cost you. Chatham House, here we come.

Loved hearing the nominees for the Radio 2 Folk Awards with Mike last night, lots of fine albums to get hold of there. Good stuff, as Mike would say. Nice to hear Kris Drever get a nod in "Folk Singer of the Year" category, top man indeed. And this weekend I get to go and see the much nominated Bellowhead who do one heck of a good show. They are up for Best Group, Best Album, Best Live Act with front man Jon Boden up for "Folk Singer of the Year". Impressed yet? Watch some footage of them (you know where) and you'll see what I mean.

Confession was fun yesterday and this idea of a team confession week is a good one I feel. Clearly Sally has a lot to go at here, in fact could do a week on her own, but we'll be fair about it and do one each. December I reckon. And you bloggers need to confess too you know...

Let's do BEAR related tunes today please. Pudsey will dominate things tomorrow so let's get things going today with all things BEAR.

Cheesecake beckons tonight with Nigel! Already feeling hungry. Have a slimline, calorie burning Thursday. See you at 5.05.

Let's try again then...

Simon Mayo | 09:27 UK time, Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Well where were we then? Good list of daughter tunes coming through yesterday and then The Royal Engagement turned up and it seemed a good idea to play songs with dilly-dilly in there somewhere. But we're back on with DAUGHTERS today so you can re-submit if you wish but we do still have your suggestions from yesterday of course. So unless pesky breaking news gets in the way, DAUGHTERS it is.

The royal wedding is fun to observe. I think most people are pleased for William And Kate, look forward to the wedding and then move on to talk about other stuff. But 24 hour news means that's not allowed to happen and those that REALLY hate it and those that REALLY love it are over-exposed and over-heard. And the many republicans of the nation's newsrooms will have plenty of time to grumble about their own paper/radio station/tv channel's coverage. Time to play more tunes I think.

What we need is a historian to put all this into some kind of perspective, so step forward Michael Wood who has a new TV series and book on the history of England. He's on from 6.

Have a smiley and jaunty Wednesday, see you at 5.05


Simon Mayo | 09:07 UK time, Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Just been clearing up after the foxes. Go to de-ice the car and find the remains of the Sunday roast scattered liberally from hither and actually to thither as well. Looking for some hounds and a hunt master now. I suspect it's that beautiful fox I posted a picture of a while back with his pesky chums. Will turn to the wisdom of Messrs Boggis Bunce and Bean to find out what to do next.

Loved Tom Jones last night, he's still on top of his game and loving it. Great album 'Praise and Blame', do check it out. After the show went to see Bill Bailey's new show Dandelion Mind which is first rate of course. Really inventive, intelligent, hilarious comedy. His idea of England's footballers as aging warehousemen receiving conflicting storage instructions was fantastic stuff (you had to be there).

Comedian not skateboarder Tony Hawks in on the show after 6 today. His "Round Ireland with a Fridge' has been made into a feature film.

With this morning's breaking news about the imminent Royal Wedding, we should really do songs about acts of betrothal today, leaving songs about DAUGHTERS for tomorrow . President Obama has a new book out called 'Of Thee I Sing:A Letter To My Daughters' (where does he make the time?) So it's the joys and terrrors of DAUGHTERS tomorrow now please. Leave your topically engaging suggestions below.

Have a refreshing and bracing Tuesday, see you at 5.05

Tom, Bruce and Gillian

Simon Mayo | 08:56 UK time, Monday, 15 November 2010

And a delightful Monday to bloggers everywhere, hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. Mine was spent on a train heading to check the progress of child 1, now safely ensconced (what a great word that is) at university, with the company of child 3. Who'd have thought me and my credit card would have been so welcome. We had a great time and even survived the er, rather happy Stoke fans who got on the train to party the night away. The quiet carriage welcomed us with open arms. That mute button was happily pressed for the remaining of the journey.

So another top week on Drive (he says boldly) and we start with the mighty Tom Jones as our guest after 6. His "Praise and Blame" album is really first rate and makes you wonder why he didn't record a 'roots' album before. Those early gospel and soul songs were made for his voice which sounds richer than ever.

Musical accompaniment for today's blog (you'll be so surprised to learn)is the new Bruce Springsteen double cd "The Promise". The five star reviews in the papers were correct-it is magnificent. How these songs have been tucked away all this time, heaven and Bruce alone know.

Songs for the show today please on the subject of THE JUNGLE. "I'm a Celebrity..." is back and last night we had the extraordinary spectacle of Gillian McKeith, 'nutritionist', saying she had a phobia of spiders. A really bad one. You wonder which show she thought she was saying yes to. Someone must have said to her "you know, the one in the jungle with bugs and stuff". She can expect to get volunteered for every bushtucker trial going. So let's do all things JUNGLE tonight.

Have an intoxicating and inspiring Monday, see you at 5.05

It just stopped

Simon Mayo | 08:43 UK time, Friday, 12 November 2010

Well I know you were worried but yes, I did get in. Harry Potter 7(a) last night demanded I be seated by 6.45 but in the end I bowled up at 7.10 and no one could have cared less. Especially as the speeches went on till 8.15. The Americans went on at incredible length and the Brits kept it short. Radcliffe, Watson and Grint smiled cheerily and eventually we all hunkered down for the film (all snacks and drinks long, long gone).
As you may know, I love Harry Potter, my kids being just the right age to take full advantage of the 7 books as they came out. I still remember child 1 returning from school and talking about this new book some of his friends were talking about and then trying to find it at the book store where they hadn't heard of it either. Innocent days. All of which is a preamble to saying I was disappointed in the film. It was a mistake to split it into two as it means this one just stops. The bleakness and slow pace of the first part of the book is balanced by the pace and genius of the end. So here you just get the bleakness. And the slowness.
However, it was still a great night and the kids loved it (I was hugged by Jason Isaccs, always good for kudos) and will look forward to seeing it all again in case I was wrong.

Movies today on 5 Live with 2 weeks of stuff to catch up with and hopefully Colin Farrell. Then its the mighty, untouchable, all-conquering All request Friday (hypnenated or not? Hmm) Pick a blinder...

Have a sheltered yet energising Friday.

Simon Mayo And The Difficult Instruction

Simon Mayo | 07:30 UK time, Thursday, 11 November 2010

Morning all (and good day in a more general sense for late arrivals, bloggers abroad and students) wet and windy here, with the prospect of more to come. Hope you've been enjoying the shows this week, Goo Goo Dolls were very fine last night and their description of their home state Buffalo as 'Canada with guns' may be a well known expression in the USA but was new on me. V funny. As was our folklore expert on the tooth fairy who we should get on with Norm our brain and horror expert from Tuesday. I love getting these extraordinary people on to teach us stuff. In general I have found that the older I get and the more I read, the less I seem to know. So these experts and the homework solvers prove an education every night! Well most nights anyway.

Nige does duck burgers tonight (or is that a hybrid seagull?) which sounds truly splendid and dont forget the Foodie Text Club is there if you want the link sent to your phone when something delicious your way comes.

And lets do HARRY POTTER please on the songs as it is the world premiere of the DEATHLY HALLOWS Part1 tonight. And yes that's a ticket in my back pocket. Problem however is that it says 'Must be seated by 6.45'. Hmmm I've spotted a problem with that particular demand. Let's see what happens. Tell you tomorrow.

Have a pleasing and cuddly Thursday, see you at 5.05

Hilarious Dad

Simon Mayo | 09:21 UK time, Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Greetings to all bloggers everywhere.On the school run today, I learnt that 'half of students will be on demo against the cuts'. Suggesting they all should demonstrate at the weekend to show their true committment was considered very funny indeed. Always good to start the day with a bit of cross-generational humour. Hilarious dad indeed.

Some seem to be surprised at my revelations on last night's show about having a special pullover, which when worn, turned me into 'Peter from Germany'. I was only 7 but thought everyone had clothing with magic powers. Apparently not. It was a very nice navy blue v-neck as I remember. Maybe it was instead of having an invisible friend. any bloggers with magic clothing and/or invisible friends? Hilarious Dad again.

GooGoo Dolls today live from Maida Vale, their new album is 'Something For The Rest Of Us' and I am stunned to report that they have been together for 24 years. Who knew? Very few bands have made it through from the wastelands of 1986 but they have and you can hear why tonight. They also have a rather surprising contribution to make to the Great British Songbook...

And tunes today please with all things CHINESE in. PM's in CHINA so lets do the decent thing and chip in with some songs as they occur today.

Have a calm and mellow Wednesday, see you at 5.05

A Brighter Day...

Simon Mayo | 09:08 UK time, Tuesday, 9 November 2010

...Well maybe not down your way, but it is the first track on the new Doobie Brothers record 'World Gone Crazy' that is playing as I write this. And I love it. I love it because even if you've had, hypothetically, a lousy grumpy morning with a school run surrounded by drivers who are idiots, you can put the album on and you start smiling. Eventually you start to smile and then (if no one else is in earshot) actually go for the harmonies. Failing maybe but failing with style. Now I'm sounding like Buzz Lightyear. The reason for all this is that Tom Johnstone and Pat Simmons, the heart and soul of the Doobies, are on the show tonight. You may well have heard Ken play some tracks a few weeks back as album of the week, now hear Tom And Pat after 6.

Michelle Paver was lovely yesterday and the bleakness of "Dark Matter" is recommended as our book choice this week. Beautiful and scary Arctic landscape with a brutal and scary ghost to give you the creeps. Not terrifying exactly but give me this over slasher stuff anyday. And a big hooray for the mighty James Lee Burke, our new choice for the book club. "The Glass Rainbow" is the latest from James and as I said on the show yesterday, he's my favourite discovery in 9 years of doing books at 5Live. He writes like a dream, laughs like a drain and looks like a Jack Daniels ad. Not a bad combination really.

And today, let's try all things to do with TRAINS. I love trains despite everybody trying to put me off them.A new report says they're about to get even more crowded. Oh deep joy. That's as maybe. But let's do some great TRAIN tunes if you have any. Ta.

Have a cheery and confident Tuesday, see you at 5.05

You think this is cold...

Simon Mayo | 08:44 UK time, Monday, 8 November 2010 wait till you read Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. More of which in a moment.

Hope all bloggers had a fine weekend with as many or as few fireworks as they needed. We did succumb last night with one of those selection boxes where everything is called 'Magnolia Marvel', 'Chrysanthemum Cascade' or 'Purple Rain' (this was a favourite as it contained every colour known to man apart from purple). So we gave up on the real names and started calling them 'Brian' and 'Fiona'. This somehow made them far less disappointing when they fizzled and popped for all of 5 seconds. The best one got named 'The Bishop of Durham' and was a monster hit, banging and whooshing for an eternity. Cheers and glowing faces all round.

Matt is back today, Rebecca too and just in time for our next book club choice Dark Matter by Michelle Paver. It's a ghost story of sorts and it's set in the Arctic of 1937-chilling in every sense. You can download 2 chapters here just to keep up with the conversation. Then there's the on-line chat after too. Hope you like it. Our next choice will be announced today and is a top choice by a brilliant writer.

And songs today inspired by THE GOOD LIFE please. Watching Felicity Kendall every week on Strictly is a reminder of how brilliant it was and now Giles Coren and Sue Perkins are trying out that whole self-sufficiency thing on BBC2 tonight. So it's suburbia, animal husbandry and middle age crises in general. Quite enough to go at I'd have thought.

Have a warm and dry Monday, see you at 5.05.

Bang fizz pop

Simon Mayo | 09:24 UK time, Friday, 5 November 2010

As I remember it, November 5th was a huge deal. We looked forward to it almost as much as Christmas. And because it was 'adults only' the feel,look and smell of fireworks was as evocative as a pine needle Christmas tree. We lived in a school (Dad being a headmaster) and the whole school built the biggest bonfire and parents coughed up for the fireworks. The kids would cheer the fireworks in the colours of their house and boo the others. I mention this only in contrast to 2010 when my kids hardly seem bothered. I'll buy some box of delights later but I'm wondering if they are really for me, not them. Ho hum.

No 5Live today so no movie reviews for you but an ARF as ever (Sally asked me what an ARF was yesterday, I told her it was Alan Freeman reference). So that all important first song, the standard setter, the bar raising classic is up for grabs. Place in box and retire 30 yards.

Have an invigorating Friday, see you at 5.05

The pleasure of normal

Simon Mayo | 06:08 UK time, Thursday, 4 November 2010

Morning to bloggers wherever you are. Enjoyed yesterday's show. You can't beat Elvis C, Elton P, Robert P and Neil 4' (as we call him) but as a number of you said, it's lovely to go back to normal. The great Canadian singer Bruce Cockburn has a song "The Trouble with Normal' which, he says, is 'always getting worse'. But normal is fine by me. The key to getting the show right is to make normal pretty darn good. Make normal special. If translated into Latin, that might sound profound

A wild and warm night here means I've even opened the back door around 6 am to get see if I could get away with a cup of coffee in the dark. Probably not was the answer, particularly when I remembered the fighting foxes from last night. We have 2 foxes who spend all day lolling on my roof and then all night fighting. Many of you will know exactly what that sounds like- a wild screeching that makes you think they are attacking a child at the very least, not just having hissy fits with each other.

And this is the last day for trying a 5th NOVEMBER oldies theme what with it being ARF tomorrow an'll. So leave in the box below and retire 10 metres.

Have a beautifully normal Thursday, see you at 5.05

Feeling good here

Simon Mayo | 09:06 UK time, Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Good morning Drivetimers. Lovely sunny autumnal day here and a spring in my step. If I was wearing a hat, it would be at a jaunty angle. There are a few reasons for this, let me share them with you.
Bon Jovi played up a storm last night. I feared for the show when Jon felt moved to be rude to our lovely board game expert but then they all got in the groove and it was all lovely. In fact what you won't know (unless you were there) was that they carried on playing for the 100 select audience for the whole 2 hours. So while we were doing other essential stuff, Jon and the gang just carried on playing. Nice touch I thought.
Also, it's a lovely autumnal day.
Also, child 1 is back from University for a 'reading week'. Ahem.
Also, friends from the USA called yesterday and it was lovely to see them and share a vat of wine with them.
But mainly (as if you couldn't see it coming) it is the astonishing match at White Hart Lane last night. I don't usually blog on matters of football but last night was quite something. Spurs fans are genetically inclined towards pessimism so when things go so right, the world feels altered slightly. And when you beat the best team in Europe, that's one of those moments.
There, I've finished. Apart from this. Tunes today inspired by SPEED. The glory of SPEED (as practised by the supreme Gareth Bale), the thrill of being FAST, FASTER or FASTEST.
Have a jaunty Wednesday, see you at 5.05

BY JOVI! (with thanks to Mark R)

Simon Mayo | 09:00 UK time, Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bazza Adams yesterday, I have to tell you, was a shocker. Not like ND was a shocker of course but of what he said during the interview. I played the acoustic version of "Summer of 69" and it was quite clear that well, how shall I put this, no apostrophe is required in the title. The lyrics make it clear but it's meaning is somewhat hidden behind the rock version, I'd never noticed. Always the last to know, as Del Amitri once said. Anyway Sally B. enjoyed her hug.

Sally Boazman and Bryan Adams

So it is BON JOVI day today and stacks of cash heading to the C-in-N coffers. Down in Maida Vale, 100 very lucky fans will be aswayin' and aswoonin' as the boys stomp their way through some of their greatest hits.They came down for a roadshow I did many years ago, were very held up in traffic and we had to overrun by 15 minutes-unheard of! I'm not saying Jamie Cullum needs to worry but who knows what'll happen.
So most of the oldies will be Bon Jovi oldies today. That makes it a BON JOVI theme really. If you've seen them before or ever bought any of their songs, explain yourself below. BJ memories and accolades please. Of the 120 million albums sold, some must be in DT blogger houses I'd have thought...
Have a surprising Tuesday, see you at 5.05

So where were we...

Simon Mayo | 05:56 UK time, Monday, 1 November 2010

Ah yes I remember, just the two hours and 5-7, Monday to Friday. As you were. Hope you enjoyed all the shenanigans from the Roundhouse last week, I think there were some real highlights. For my money they were: EJ singing Tiny Dancer which I had never seen live, the whole of RP and the BoJ and the crowd at the ND singalong. Never seen an audience like it.

I walked in during 'Play Me' and had never realised that there are actions to be performed. It goes like this 'I am the sun' (hands to your heart) 'You are the moon' (hands to Neil) I am the words (hands to your heart) 'You are the tune' (hands to Neil) 'Play me' (forget but probably hands raised in devotion or some such). Hopefully that'll be in the TV edit, you can join in at home.

The only disappointment of the three days was the woman who told me to stop interviewing Neil after 2 minutes. You can't really get that far in that time. Naughtily, I carried on for 4 minutes and 4 seconds of classic radio gold. But eventually we'd all had enough and I ran back upstairs to play "I Am I Said". Well he was, but he didn't say. That was the point.

And a final thank you to Judie Tzuke, Lissie, Lauren Pritchard, Bachman&Turner (No Overdrive) and Fyfe Dangerfield who all sang rather wonderfully for us.

And today? Well it's Bryan Adams after 6 would you believe with a new acoustic set of tunes on his latest album. It's called "Bare Bones". And to mark the National Scrabble Championships (won yesterday by Mark Nyman) let's have bands and singers who would give you the highest score on a Scrabble board. Or song titles with the highest score, that'll also be good.

Have a cosy and reassuring Monday, see you at 5.05

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