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These Bruces get everywhere

Simon Mayo | 08:09 UK time, Monday, 25 October 2010

Greetings to all bloggers, I hope yours was a fine one. The morning here dawns cold in that special East Anglian way that feels colder than most. A weekend of walks, sausages and onion gravy. Oh and crumble, scrabble and lighting fires. I know that sounds a tad Delia Smith but 'tis all true. The drive from here on this sofa to Radio 2 central seems a long one, so loins need girding.Children need waking.

Busy busy week coming up with the Electric Proms starting on Thursday. We are doing 3 extended shows at the "Roundhouse" in Camden with Drive kicking the whole thing off. Elton John, Robert Plant and Neil Diamond will speak to us before taking to the stage at 8 which means Drivetime gets an extra hour and an extra show on Saturday. Plus Elvis Costello plays live on Wednesday. Hope you've got that, there'll be a short quiz at the end of the next lesson.

Today it's our book club, 2nd sitting. Historical Fiction is where we are with Robyn Young's "Insurrection", the start of new trilogy about Ken's ancestor Robert the Bruce. I've spoken to Robyn before-her Brethren trilogy was extraordinarily successful-and she is one of the few women writing this kind of novel. Check out the first 2 chapters on this site now! Robyn will be with us from 6, our listener reviews will run through the show and Robyn does a web-chat after 6.30.

So I'm thinking we should do epic historical drama on our songs today. Horses, armour, swords, bodices,betrayal, maidens, knights and battles, that kind of stuff. Can't only be Chris De Burgh who writes these tunes surely...

Have a brisk and heartening Monday, see you at 5.05


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