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Salut! Vive Les Rosbifs!

Simon Mayo | 08:12 UK time, Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I did a very silly thing really. Last night, having watched Spooks (great and daft in equal measure) I retired with a copy of the paper and our new book choice which is Michelle Paver's "Dark Matter". The small print then clearly states very clearly 'A Ghost Story'. Michelle writes children's books normally but this is great. Just not last thing at night. Yesterday's show was performed under the influence of sleep deprivation so the last thing I needed was a spooky book to chisel away at my dreamtime. Ho hum. Bring on the caffeine based refreshment.

David Walliams today, with an all-together easier read, it being his latest kids book 'Billionaire Boy', a story of a boy who is er, a billionaire. But he hasn't got what he wants the most, tickets to see Robert Plant on Friday. DW at 6.

And songs today for THE FRENCH. Apparently the students join the protests today (breaking off from their busy half-term) and there's a new tv show this week about traveling around FRANCE. So France, the French and the Gallic shrug in song. Thanks.
Have a reassuring and affirming Tuesday, see you at 5.05.


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