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Ooh look, a club to join.

Simon Mayo | 08:38 UK time, Monday, 11 October 2010

Up since 4.30 and got a head full of nonsense. Will try to make sense of everything before 5pm or we'll be in for an interesting show.

This is partly due to Mumford and Sons who I saw again on Saturday. It was a fine gig, they were really buzzing and genuinely blown away by the reception they got. They are off to the States soon and play the Ryman in Nashville next month - they should storm the place! The special 1-night only bonus was an appearance (and a version of 'Days') from Ray Davies which went down a storm.

Weather still great here and many have been expressing surprise at the sun and warmth. However, as someone who notices this weekend every year (as it's my wedding anniversary) it is regularly the last decent weather weekend of the year. It's downhill all the way to next April from here.

Well today sees the arrival of our first book in the Radio 2 Book Club. Debut novelist Rebecca Hunt's 'Mr Chartwell' is the novel in question. Books have been distributed, reviews received and Rebecca will be in at 6, followed by a web chat too. We'll announce our next book too which looks like historical fiction to me...

And tunes today on THE GENDER GAP. There's a report out looking at the the gap between men's earnings and women's (men earning 16% more by the way) so that'll do for us I think. So it's that thorny Venus/Mars issue please, the gender gap tunes in the box below.

Enjoy your Monday, or a part of it anyway...see you at 5.05.


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