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It's the hair, stupid

Simon Mayo | 09:00 UK time, Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Heater on full, frost scraped from windscreen and three men in shorts spotted on the school run. Not joggers, not athletes of any kind, just wearing holiday shorts and flip-flops. Have concluded they must be Drivetimers re-balancing their thermostat.

Yesterday's Homework Sucks! expert in case you missed him, was answering why some people feel the cold more than others. He concluded it's how exposed to the cold you were as a kid but that you can gradually rebalance yourself in later years. This entails (so he argued) slowly exposing yourself to the cold over a long period of time and you'll get yourself re-calibrated. Short-wearers in 2C must be giving it a go. Or impressing a lady.

Today, playing live, is Taylor Swift who has the most fabulous hair of all our live guests this year. Saw her play live last year and it has a starring role in the show. It's tossed, stroked, shaken, tousled and generally required to do a lot of work. This isn't why she's booked of course-she was the biggest selling musician in the US in 2008, has a huge following here and a new album of pop-country songs for you.

And songs today with a cutting theme I think. CUTS is what we are talking about here and you know what to do I believe...

Have an optimistic Wednesday, see you at 17.05


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