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It's official. You are all great.

Simon Mayo | 09:03 UK time, Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wow that was a busy blog yesterday, a real hornets nest (beehive?) of activity. And a man from the internet side of things (official department name) told me this is the most 'messaged' radio presenter blog in the BBC. Which makes you all rather special I'd have thought. So I'll keep going if you will. I raise my almost-cold coffee to you all.

Loved Ronnie Wood yesterday. Everything I brought up he wanted to talk about. We could have gone on for ever. Today is slightly different as Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow sing live but they have to be gone by 6.15. I know. They have a train/plane to catch or somesuch, so we have re-jigged things to accommodate them. First tune will be around 5.45 and the second at 6.10. This means that there is no confession today and Nigel's Tarte Tatin will have to wait a while. Mind you if Robbie fancies some, it's his.

And the (further) good news is that Kate Humble and her AUTUMNWATCH buddies are back tonight. Autumn is apparently late this year so that means spectacular colours are imminent! And there is a bumper crop of nuts and berries to rummage around in. So its AUTUMNWATCH oldies if you have a thought.

Message away. And have a lovely sunny Thursday-see you at 5.05.


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