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Friday already

Simon Mayo | 07:41 UK time, Friday, 22 October 2010

Ah, it'll be half term that's it. I'm up normal time rattling around but I am clearly on my own with no one hassling me for food or the paper. It is day five of one half term and day one of the other. The eldest is due a 'reading week' soon, a wonderful invention during which no reading ever takes place. But what a great thing to be given a week off to read. That's all you are expected to do-no duties, no meal prep, no obligations at all just the requirement to work your way through a pile of good books. It is, frankly, the only way I'm going to finish all the books that are now coming in to the programme. We have some great Hist-Fic from Robyn Young for Monday and we've just picked the next two which I hope you will love too.

Meantime a two show day takes in 5Live at 2pm with Dr Mark and movies. Today on the show the writer of new film 'Africa United' Rhidian Brook joins us. It's a mad road movie with 5 Rwandan children who decide to travel 3000 miles to the World Cup in South Africa. But they get on the wrong bus etc and it really is quite something to behold.

Then to the gleaming spires of Radio 2 where the weekend is waiting to be unleashed by another All-request Friday. If you fancy jostling for pole position with the standard-setting opening song, please leave in the receptacle below.
Have a fabulous Friday. see you at 2.00/5.00.

P.S. why not check out Simon's cameo appearance in this week's Sporting Challenge Greatest Hits video?


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