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Another legend calls...

Simon Mayo | 09:26 UK time, Wednesday, 6 October 2010

(gets coffee, collapses into chair, fires up the blog, sighs. The kind of school run that makes me want to move to Auckland. And relax. Puts on new Ben Folds disc. Nice)

Good morning bloggers of the Drivetime collective. There is good weather coming we are told, hope things are bright with you.

Managed to go and see the rather wonderful Thea Gilmore last night in Camden. I've never seen her before and was really looking forward to it as her last two records have been firm favourites in our kitchen.

She didn't disappoint either, her new songs sound like standards to me. Bar crew were noisy and there was phone interference on the PA but she is a forceful presence on stage and she triumphed in the end. Nice one Thea. Go see her if you can.

Today it's Ronnie Wood time. It's not every day a Stone rolls into town so don't miss him-his new solo album is one of his best he's done.
And let's do APPRENTICE tunes please as that man SUGAR is back on your TV tonight with the latest parade of overly eager, off-putting wannabe salesmen and women. Songs to match? You know you have one...

Have a rewarding Wednesday, see you at 1705 (or whenever is convenient).


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