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All right Cocker!

Simon Mayo | 09:20 UK time, Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hello bloggers of the Drivetime collective, a soggy and mild one here.
A few new pages for you to check out (if you haven't done so already) for our Book Club.

We'll put up all the details of our books as we decide on them and our first 'Mr Chartwell' is up and shiny. You can read the .first few pages if you fancy too.

I'm hoping that I can send a regular newsletter to everyone signed up to the bookclub which will keep everyone up to date with our ideas, what the reviews are like and future plans. I've never been in a bookclub but I love books and hope we can bring you the best ones. If you have any requests and comments, do let us know!

I now have six books waiting to be read and no chance whatsoever of finishing any of them...
So today's show feature the great Joe Cocker on his new album, that has tempted him down from the mountains where he lives. Joe after 1800.

And having done red and yellow, it's time for BLUE. Tories are having their conference this week so BLUE oldies if you have a moment...
Hoping you have a splendid Tuesday, see you at 1705


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