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The return of the Fox

Simon Mayo | 09:18 UK time, Monday, 27 September 2010

Friday saw our farewell to Pauline and very fine were her departing cookies. Matt and I have both been inspired to not buy the Friday food anymore but make it ourselves. This resolution will last till Thursday but is in place at the moment. We'll miss Pauline-thanks MsMcColl! But the good news is that Rebecca 'Fox' PIke is back, having served her time at home looking after child no 3 (or Luca as he is more normally called). Welcome back Rebecca! Will she be as forbidding a presence in confessional booth as Pauline? We'll find out at 5.40...

Top music today from Fran Healy, formerly of Travis. He had a string of fine songs in the 90's and always got a great reaction from "Driftwood" and "Why Does It always Rain On Me" so it's good to have some new songs from him. His bass player appears to be one Sir Paul McCartney. Now that's class.

And in honour of Rebecca's return, let's do WELCOME BACK songs. It seems only right and proper really.

See you at 5.05. Have a decent Monday.



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