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Well that was fun

Simon Mayo | 08:26 UK time, Tuesday, 17 August 2010

That first day back really never changes. The slightly embarrassed walk into work as people comment on your tan, health or lack of it, the realisation that you haven't bought anyone presents and a few well chosen stories from your holiday that folk listen too politely, before drifting back to their desks. A desk full of stuff that will take all day to sort and quite a few times when you wonder whether you can remember how do to do the job. Then after 10 minutes it feels as though you never went away. Really enjoyed yesterday, hope you did, if not er, I'll try to do better today.
Today we welcome the Ivor Novello award winning Sharleen Spiteri, formerly of Texas and now a judge on Sky's "Must Be The Music" which started on Sunday, hosted by Fearne Cotton.
And oldies, well how about fish, fishing and fishermen and women. Rivers, sea and catching, you know. "Two Tone" Britain's biggest carp at 67lbs 14oz has finally given up the ghost. Old age has finally caught up with Britain's largest recorded freshwater fish so let's mark the moment with a few fishy oldies. Place your catch in the receptacle below.
See you at 5.05 Drivetimers!



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