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Saddle sore and stand-up

Simon Mayo | 08:34 UK time, Monday, 5 July 2010

Good morning to you all and good afternoon to late arrivals. Good evening to listeners from abroad and students. Welcome to another week on Drive. This morning's musical accompaniment is Josh Ritter's new CD "So Runs The World Away". I've loved Josh's stuff since" Hello Starling" and this sounds full of terrific songs. However the song that made me stop in my tracks was when Graham Norton played Amy Grant's "Baby Baby" this morning. I played that on the breakfast show on Radio 1 when my son Ben was born in 1991. As we talk of Ugandan Waragi, gap years and student business, I am feeling ever so slightly middle-aged and very nostalgic.

Snap out of it Mayo you're rambling again. Patrick Kielty today after 6. He is fronting a brand new series on Channel 4 "Stand Up For The Week". It is a Friday night thing with stand-ups such as Rich Hall, Jack Whitehall and Kevin Bridges. You may have caught it last Friday. He is also filling that gap between the end of J Ross and the start of G Norton on Saturday mornings on Radio 2. Paddy is a good turn and you can hear him tonight!

And let's do Tour de France oldies today please. It started last week and has reached Brussels where there was an almighty pile up yesterday. It is a quite extraordinary event and we will mark it with your fine tune selections. If only I could think where to start...



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