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South London meets South America

Simon Mayo | 08:39 UK time, Monday, 21 June 2010

So it's a sunny day above Radio 2 central and welcome to another week on Drivetime. Wimbledon starts today of course and I'm still half expecting to spend the next 2 weeks on Centre Court. Covering the all-England finals on 5 Live was one of the extraordinary gigs I was asked to do and I can tell you that team led by our tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend is one of the finest anywhere. Hopefully they will be part of the Drivetime mix over the next 2 weeks. Matt will sneak off there at every opportunity of course.

Father's day brought a text from son 1 in Uganda and 2 homemade cards from daughter 1 and son 2 at home, and a crate of a Diet drink in bottles. Classy huh? Apart from that, we were toasting the Kiwis after their terrific result against the Italians and texting our friends in Auckland to check they had removed and twirled their shirts too.

And today we bring you a touch of Brazilian magic in the shape of producer/composer/bandleader/friend of Pele, Sergio Mendez (his album "Bom Tempo" is this morning's blog music). A bit of South American style after 6 and all the rest is pretty Anglo/Saxon/Celt really.

And those oldies? Back to Wimbledon! Tennis and All England Club-related tunes please...

See you at 5.05



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