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Radio 2 Slash Drive

Simon Mayo | 09:49 UK time, Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Post bank holiday greetings. Personally, one day was enough. 4 lots of of chips in 6 meals, lemon drizzle cake for one of the others, torrential rain and the heating back on for a few hours. And I haven't made it back yet. If you could all just keep the A12 clear that would be lovely.

Did manage rain induced viewing of Prince of Persia which was terrific fun. Sand sandals and whinging princesses always good fun and it was the classic wet bank holiday fare.

Today sees Drive back to normal. We start at 5 and my guest is the man Time magazine ranked no.2 in the top 10 electric guitarists of all time. He is Slash and he has a solo album out with a a series of guest vocalists like Lemmy and Ozzy. It's good stuff too so don't miss him after 6.

Also today, let's have songs to mark 30 years of rolling news. CNN started on this day in 1980 and 24 hour news was born, transforming politics and pretty much everything it touches. Suggestion box below.

See you at 5 (A12 permitting).



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