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Quo pro umquam

Simon Mayo | 08:47 UK time, Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A little precipitation greets the morn here which means a wardrobe rethink methinks. This morning's musical selection includes Tired Pony (again) as they are on the show very soon and the album really repays regular listens. And then the new Robert Plant CD looks mighty tempting...

Loved having Judy Collins on yesterday, she still has the voice which has made her such an institution. And then the text from listener Tim suggesting I had borrowed his copy of Amazing Grace 40 years ago for an assembly my Dad (who was a Headmaster) was planning! I don't think I ever gave it back either. How many records in your possession don't actually belong to you? Maybe it is time for an amnesty. Whose records do you have?

After 6 today Quo man Francis Rossi. I shall dedicate Rossi songs to my old form tutor Mr Batstone who lent me his copy of Piledriver. It must have been 1973 and I have no idea why he lent it to me, he just did. And that early Status Quo has always sounded great to me (for the curious, I think the Latin above means Quo for ever but I might be wrong about that).

And with a Russian spy ring being broken in the USA, let's do spying please on the oldies. We are back to encrypted messages, nuclear secrets and agents on 'deep-cover' missions. Is it 1962 Simon?

Enjoy your Tuesday but check no one's following.



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