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Forget the Germans, just remember the poles

Simon Mayo | 09:08 UK time, Thursday, 24 June 2010

Well it seems a morning to think of tent erecting. You'll be lost without them. Beautiful day, Glastonbury throng assembling (including Sally Traffic with her teepee already erected by some muscled son of the soil. And maybe a Pole?) and a summer of live music all ready to go. Personally I'd rather go for a quiet room in the local hostelry ("another bottle of Chablis Mr Mayo?") but I have served my time under canvass. And the last 2 occasions appeared to be sub-zero nights so resolved never to do it again. Until August at least when I will be forced to do it all again. So let's do Glastonbury/festival going oldies please if you wouldn't mind. I'll start with "Mud Mud Glorious Mud" even if it looks as though there won't be any.

Nigel appears to be going for Goulash tonight to mark the fact that Hungary er, didn't qualify for the World Cup but you might be, you know, well, a little hungry by then. It has always been too soupy for my taste but I'm sure Nigel can tart it up nicely. Personally I'd have rather had a bit of German sausage (titter yee not) and a stein of frothing Bavarian beer. But maybe we'll save that for Sunday.

Enjoy your day! By your radio for 5 if you wouldn't mind...



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