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Would you like to see my holiday photos?

Simon Mayo | 07:03 UK time, Monday, 12 April 2010

Well thanks for asking I had a lovely time. Apart from yesterday. You may have noticed I picked the best week of the year to have a sojourn by the sea. A few too many chips consumed-a traditional holiday activity-but I finally got to finish my book which has been taunting me for weeks. And that is reading it not writing it. Anything by the great American writer James Lee Burke is a must read and his latest "Rain Gods" was a treat. And a treat I seemed to stretch over many, many weeks.

Yesterday was a pig as I took my son Joe to the FA Cup semi-final to see Tottenham play Portsmouth. This was a big deal as he's an Arsenal fan (I know, I know, it just sort of happened) and he had no real interest in it. Anyway he was on my side and we were having an ok time watching a poor match until the other lot spoiled our fun by, well you know, scoring. Something we had conspicuously failed to do. So well done to Portsmouth and I would expect Chelsea to thrash you big time in the final. The Pompey fans had a great time which they deserved frankly. But perspective doesn't come easy to younger supporters and that was what I spent the (mercifully short) journey home explaining to my boy. Anyway now Spurs can concentrate on finishing fifth.

So onwards drivetimers to 5pm today when the team are back with all new confessions, "Homework Sucks" and our special birthday guest after 6 is Bob Harris! A great broadcaster and you know that every song he plays he passionately believes in. Great knowledge, great taste and a great voice. That'll be Bob after 6 today.

And apparently there's an election on and the historic first tv debate is this week. So let's do songs for politicians today. Of all flavours and persuasions. Leave your entertainingly satirical choices below.

Looking forward to 5.05 already! Please be there or send a note.

email: simonmayo@bbc.co.uk


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