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Give peas a chance

Simon Mayo | 08:52 UK time, Thursday, 1 April 2010

It is breakfast time in the Mayo household and already I find my mind wandering to Nigel's promised pea risotto. This seems a tad early I know and maybe in part due to the fact that I am breaking my fast with peanut butter and marmite on toast. It is a classic but best eaten at teatime really. It's a symptom of tiredness and the need for comfort food I think. Must do better than 5 hours...Anyway Nigel in after 6 tonight to make even you even hungrier on the journey home.

And before we continue, a very happy birthday to Christopher Evans the new head boy around these parts. Enjoy your long weekend Mr E. and I hope your aching limbs have recovered after yesterday's rowing exertions.

Signs you are aging fast part 1. It's just taken me 5 minutes to unwrap a CD and the last part to come off was the 'easy tear off' strip. Ho hum. However the cd was from Kathryn Tickell so was well worth the humiliation.

And don't forget the final part of songs for hard working families today so it's songs for kids today in the box below. I thank you.

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