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A touch of glamour

Simon Mayo | 07:31 UK time, Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Thanks for asking and yes feeling a tad better thank you very much. Apart from making me sit in a sealed oxygen tent in a separate office on a different floor, everyone has been very understanding.

I will need to be tarted up as much as possible for today's after 6 guest and that's Kim Cattrall. Best known I suppose for being Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City", the "Police Academy" films and now "The Ghost" the film adaptation of the Robert Harris novel. She plays Amelia Bly who is former Prime Minister Adam Lang's personal assistant. Adam Lang is played by Pierce Brosnan and is in no way Tony Blair and Amelia is in no way Angie Hunter. I will try not to sneeze on her as that would not do at all.

More election songs today (any more thoughts welcome below) another drivetime confession and, most importantly, Matt's mid-week middle aged moshing moment.

And we'll have a folk showstopper for you to have a say in to wrap it all up at 7

Meantime the Mayo taxi service is being hailed, see you at 5!

email: simonmayo@bbc.co.uk


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