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A real Lord on Drive!

Simon Mayo | 07:20 UK time, Tuesday, 20 April 2010

One listener yesterday when asked to define their Monday in 4 words replied with a certain glee 'Children back to school' and we reach that day today. Apart from the stranded one who can stay in bed even longer than normal (if such a thing is possible) a level of normality can return.

Today we welcome Melvyn Bragg to Drivetime, that'll be Lord Bragg to you and me. Or maybe just Melvyn. I've interviewed him a number of times and he is always interesting. Something to do with having a brain the size of a planet. He is marking the end of "The South Bank Show" with assorted books, tv shows, mugs etc and he'll be on your radio after 6.

Loads of songs for the stranded came in yesterday and we barely scratched the surface so we'll do some more of those today. If anything new has occurred you know what to and where to do it ( and that's nothing to do with yesterdays confession either).

And it'll be a jazzy showstopper to select but that is SO far away. See you at 5.05

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