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A drivetime of eastern promise

Simon Mayo | 06:57 UK time, Wednesday, 28 April 2010

It's only a hunch, but I think I'm more tired than you. I'm happy to be proved wrong of course but I'll challenge you to a yawn-off. The alarm was set for 2.30 here (and the second one for 2.35, the third for 2.40 just in case) and I drove our eldest boy to Heathrow for a disgustingly early flight. He is off to teach in Africa and change the world. We exchanged manly hugs and he was gone. We are fantastically proud of him of course and might just get his room tidy by the time he returns. Or sooner if we rent his room out. I'm off to see Robin Hood this morning and will probably be asleep within seconds.

Guest after 6 tonight is the always engaging Timothy Spall who, when he isn't starring in a Mike Leigh film or Harry Potter, is navigating his way around the UK in his long boat 'The Princess Matilda'. You can follow him on a BBC4 series next week and tonight after 6.

And having done the north and the south it's all things east today. Song about or referring to the east in that box below please. See you at 5.05, or curled up in a ball in the park with a newspaper over my head.



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