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A chip off the old block indeed

Simon Mayo | 08:45 UK time, Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A politician called last night, we talked and drank wine and ate mints. Would love to tell you more but that wouldn't be wise. No not at all.

Thanks for all the nice comments about the music yesterday-you are right if course! And let's wish regular blogger KatyMac all the best for that op today, look forward to having you back on line KM...

Jim Kerr is a model of how to be a pop star don't you think? Millions sold, still hungry and a real gentleman. Always gives a great interview, never disappoints. Good on yer Jim and all the best for Lostboy!AKA etc

Now guest news for today's drivetime. Always loved Paul Simon-first album bought, first gig etc-and today his son Harper joins us and strums a tune or 2. His first album has some lovely tunes on it and it is impossible not to hear his Dad's voice and particularly his guitar style all the way through. Harper after 6 and a cracking confession at 5.40.

And it is songs for/from/referencing the south today. Leave below!

See you later...




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