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Weekend ahoy!

Simon Mayo | 09:05 UK time, Friday, 5 February 2010

It's that all request Friday moment everybody! The weekend is tantalisingly close, even if, to be honest, you've got another dull one coming up. I love the cascade of (usually) excited listeners all calling in while piling out for a selection of madcap trips and parties. Call in from 5 and lets play your song. 0500 288 291. I put that in for my sake really as I really need to remember which radio station I'm on.
And Fridays are always the most challenging. I start at 2 on 5Live with the omnipresent Mark Kermode. Special guest is the oscar nominated Colin Firth and his gently tousled hair. You can watch that on line as well at bbc.co.uk/5Live.
And then that taxi bike moment to get my hair gently tousled too.
And what song would start things off in style? Give us a belter to kick things off at 5.05.
Leave below or email simonmayo@bbc.co.uk


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