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!!!!Punctuation week continues!!!!

Simon Mayo | 09:49 UK time, Tuesday, 16 February 2010

*Sniffle sniff blow spray dab etc* There are SO many ways that radio scores over TV and days when you look rubbish is just one of them and only the Brit Awards to fear later. My daughter has already offered to go instead of me which is so kind of her don't you think? She's sure no one will notice. Had better run that past the Head of something or other.

Writing this listening to the new Don Mclean album "Addicted to Black". It's no "American Pie" I'm afraid but just getting to some interesting stuff now (track7). Good to hear that voice again though.

Unnecessary brackets featured in yesterday's collection of songs so let's keep that punctuation thing going with exclamation marks in songs! Or Bands! Wherever!

Vinnie Jones in today after 6 and Noddy Holder from the Brits as well. Email at any time or leave lovely messages below.

Talk at 5.05. (Or maybe that should have been !)


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