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New desk (sort of)

Simon Mayo | 17:10 UK time, Monday, 4 January 2010

Well here it was at last. First day at Radio2, one week away from launch day. Your new drive show starts on the 11th but there were jingles to listen to, live music to talk through and blog instructions to follow. If you're reading this, that last one has worked at least.

My excitement is tempered only by the fact that my NEW desk in my NEW office for my NEW job is shared with some guy who only comes in on Fridays. He has however colonised all available shelves, drawers and floor space leaving me with, well, a chair basically. There will need to be words. By Thursday.

More discussions tomorrow and will tell you about some of the new features we are hoping to introduce to the show next Monday. They will need to go before many BBC committees of course to be tested for corporate soundness and if pronounced clean and decent, they're in.

And we'll need to get our first song discussion underway. But until then...



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