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Almost there...

Simon Mayo | 18:07 UK time, Friday, 8 January 2010

So we're finally underway on Monday. It feels as if the show has had the gestation period of an elephant. But at last we are at the point of no return and hoping for a smooth run into next week. I woke this morning feeling nervous for the first time and have already apologised to my family if I'm too stressed this weekend. They'll understand and just look busy as I wander from room to room muttering, twitching and rearranging the furniture.

It promises to be a fairly extraordinary week at 2 with a new breakfast and drive show happening on the same day. Don't think thats happened before. Bumped into the debonaire Jeremy Vine this morning who is off next week ! A wise man indeed.

If you fancy taking part in a new game we are running (called Pontunes but that doesn't really explain much) we'd love to hear from you. It'll be just for the fun and glory of it all and all you have to is be by a phone on Monday. And sound thrilled to be on.

Email me at simonmayo@bbc.co.uk with your phone number and details about yourself if you fancy it and who knows you may be the one we call. You can email me stuff there anyway and look forward to sharing Drive with you from Monday



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