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  1. Wind And Gas

    Tuesday 21 October 2014, 08:28

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    October weather kicking in here. Don't think our hatches will need to be battened but galoshes may be needed. Was it only in Winnie The Pooh that anyone used galoshes? Having looked them up, I realise I have never had a rubberised overboot. I shall go chasing them today. Maybe I'll pair them with a sou'wester - at least they'll see me coming. A bright yellow waxed oil-skin hat is just what we need.

    Onwards! Showtime is on the way and Andrew Marr is my guest. The BBC's former political editor has written 'a political  entertainment' called Head of State full of juicy gossip and sly asides that he could only have put in a satirical novel. He just knows stuff. And he says he wishes he'd studied economics because that's where the power is. Anyway his book set on the eve of a referendum to decide Britain's future in Europe one way or another and people keep getting murdered. Cor blimey guvnor, call the rozzers and no mistake.

    So oldies then and STORMY WEATHER may well cut the mustard today don't you think? Sou'westers for all! Galosh'n'roll!

  2. Smarter By Design

    Monday 20 October 2014, 09:26

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Morning all bloggers and hoping the weekend was everything you wanted it to be. In our weekend rummage we found an old piece of Radio 2 memorabilia which I had never seen before. I knew about the bed socks and the tea cosy-both resplendent in old-style green and yellow R2 colours-but I have never seen a Radio 2 tie before. It clearly was what the authentic Radio 2 presenter and listener was wearing back in the day. It's dark blue with gold writing over it and is er, quite a talking point. Pictures needed indeed...
    (late blog appearance btw due to  BBC technical issues etc ad nauseum)
    Book club today with Ian McEwan and 'The Children Act'. It's a brilliant portrayal of a flinty High Court Judge who presides over family cases, but whose own marriage is in chaos. Half of this short book is the emotional turmoil of her private life, the other half is the emotional and legal turmoil caused by a case she's dealing with. It's a terrific story, read a chapter here then here Ian after 6. 
    Songs about THE LAW anyone?

    Morning all bloggers and hoping the weekend was everything you wanted it to be. In our weekend rummage we found an old piece of Radio 2 memorabilia which I had never seen before. I...

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  3. Thermostat thoughts

    Friday 17 October 2014, 10:32

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Central heating off? Maybe. All mild and shorts weather here. Though having said that, I'm not sure Robert Downey Junior would appreciate my casualness. If the highest paid man in Hollywood is in the building then the least I can do is to wear my best long trousers. He sports a fine Metallica t-shirt in his movie The Judge in which stars as well as produces. He plays a hot-shot lawyer who has to return home to his small town where his father-played by Robert Duvall- is the titular judge.

    To say this is a messed-up family is an understatement. After RDJ (as we call him) it's Toby Jones-yes Captain Mainwaring himself-and this for a new movie called Serena. I was 30 seconds into the title sequence when I realised I had read the book. Back in 2008 on 5Live I spoke to Ron Rush a  professor of Appalachian studies about his 1920s tale of a lumber, the Smoky Mountains and a powerful woman (called Serena you'll be surprised to hear) And he was terrific. Anyway Toby is always terrific so looking forward to his company...

    Then it's high time we did some tunes. Your ARF opener kicks of with 1983 please. Hello TVAM! Hello Compact Discs! Hello Discworld! What do you fancy?
    2 and 5 then...

  4. Crisis? What Crisis??!!

    Thursday 16 October 2014, 09:55

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well how nice. We made it to Thursday which is Friday eve and that's all good. Nige is doing some gluten-free cookies which will make a few journeys home a time for rumbling stomachs. I'm stoking up on toast here-and it's another Paul Hollywood morning. This means it's sourdough again (curse you Hollywood) though I suspect he won't like the peanut butter and marmite combo that I've got going here. Well he's wrong sometimes that's all. A light lunch is called for. And no snacks. Absolutely none, not even a sherbet lemon in the movie I'm seeing this morning when no one is looking and no one would...

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  5. Deep breaths

    Wednesday 15 October 2014, 09:33

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Dark gloomy autumnal etc toast marmalade coffee etc writing movie radio etc (that's writing comma movie comma radio just to be clear). 
    Thanks for persisting and hanging on in there while all the blog's techie issues are noted, discussed and minuted. An action committee task force is being set up and will issue a report . This will make recommendations which will be considered for immediate actioning once all the appropriate issues have been discussed with stakeholders. 
    In the meantime, we thank you for your patience. A snack trolley will be around shortly.
    Today Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott are...

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  6. Year Of The Cat

    Tuesday 14 October 2014, 08:55

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Good morning blog dwellers, here we are with a Tuesday to navigate and only biscuits and coffee for company. More rain yesterday than I've seen since August and all day. That was why Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters was such a top choice yesterday, even if it wasn't raining where you were. A rarely heard tune!

    I'm writing this on a train to Cambridge. I have resorted to the first porridge of the season as a healthier start than biscuits and a good call. Compote and granola might have masses of sugar but because it's disguised as health, it actually doesn't count. Hooray for logic.
    Today we...

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  7. Drip drip splash

    Monday 13 October 2014, 08:22

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Howling gale, torrential rain and a leaking roof is one heck of a way to start the week. Come on October this is not helpful. As I write I can hear the drip, drip of rainwater on strategically placed washing up bowl. Hoping our builder might be in touch soon or I'll be swimming to work. Hope we all had good weekends and are nicely set up for a tip-top week.

    We have the very fine Lady Antebellum in today. That's Hilary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood. It's big, it's country but it's a whole bunch of other influences too. And whisky. Or make that whiskey as the Americans inclined to spell...

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  8. Curly hair and flares with that

    Friday 10 October 2014, 09:32

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Morning!  A top Friday on the way. A few taxi services to perform and some paperwork tyranny to combat, then we can do some radio. First it'll be movies with the floppy-haired one. I speak of course of Hugh Grant. He's back around with The Rewrite a rom-com from a man who has declared himself to old for rom-coms. Hugh plays a screenwriter who used to be a big player but now has barely any money left. He takes a job teaching at an unfashionable college and upsets everybody along the way. You get the picture. Hugh says he doesn't feel very showbizzy at the moment-we shall see.


    Then to ARF fun and...

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  9. Put that light out

    Thursday 9 October 2014, 09:11

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Very relaxed here. No trains, no schools no interviews today. Trouble is that means it's time to look at paperwork, and the tyranny that is unopened post. Most of it is rubbish or unpleasant - remember when you looked forward to the post arriving? That was a long time ago. I was away from home only 24 hours but what a collection of menus and minicab flyers have arrived since I left!  We could have bonfire night a few weeks early here.

    Well John Lydon seems to have gone down well. I hadn't met him before so was unsure how it would all pan out. He is only the second person I've interviewed to insist...

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  10. Road Rising

    Wednesday 8 October 2014, 07:49

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Good morning all. Dark, gloomy and rainy outside, bright and cheery inside. Up early for a south coast visit for some poor unfortunate students. A crazy few days with interviews and movies and books stacked high. It's a time of year thing. If you've got a big shiny piece of product to sell, now is when you release it. So today I'm scurrying back to London to talk to Benedict Cumberbatch about his new movie about Alan Turing, Ray Winstone about his new book and today on the show John Lydon about his second autobiography (hold on to your hats!) Stories of the Sex Pistols, US citizenship and butter...

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