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  1. Going early

    Tuesday 25 November 2014, 09:29

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    What ho! Cold blogger here (put more clothes on then). What is going on with you? Have you sorted your Christmas plans yet? With December just around the corner, most conversations here are about specials, extra features, holidays, tinsely guests, sparkly music. The 3 worders have been awash with folk finishing their present shopping, making puddings and choir rehearsals for weeks. In some cases, months! Either people are making stuff up to impress us or there is a parallel universe where everything runs smoothly and must be run by a personal organiser. Like the wedding planner in Father of the Bride the Steve Martin film. Now that would be great; a man called something like Fronk Eggellhoffer comes and just plans everything, then goes away again. Either that or we all go for a pizza.

    But the whole online shopping thing is so huge now I think it merits some tunes. This isn't shopping with hustle and bustle but shopping with clicks and swipes. And a cup of tea in the kitchen. That's ONLINE SHOPPING folks. Tap, click, enter.

    And with a Tunesday on the way, we are going to be seriously chilled come 7pm

  2. Clapped-out tour bus

    Monday 24 November 2014, 09:21

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Matchsticks. Coffee. Fresh air. Shouting. All these things are needed in various quantities today. Weekend over, totally exhausted. But let me share an interesting breakfast with you. One of the best I've tasted. Homemade crumpet marmite butter and bacon jam. I'm having trouble just writing that without shaking. I might suggest Nige has a go one day soon. I've had healthier starts to the day but right now, I'd go for another. If I could buy you one I would. Meantime on with the toast...
    So now I have to go to the gym everyday till Christmas just to pay it all back. And while that's happening I will be multitasking with  the show prep. Running, stretching and watching Lee Mack making folk laugh. Tis the season for comedians to be making DVDs and Lee-who was performing to 3 people in Edinburgh just a few years back-is now packing them in all over the UK. He's a standup who acts too-Not Going Out has been on TV since 2006 alongside Tim Vine.
    His show is called Hit The Road Mack and as Lewis Hamilton has just won the world title again we could magically  combine the two and do ON THE ROAD oldies.
    See you at 5 groovers.
  3. Weekending

    Friday 21 November 2014, 10:09

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Right then troops, onwards to the weekend. The sunlit uplands of shopping, housework and ferrying await-hooray! And hooray because its Sounds of the 60's, Graham N, POTP. SotE, BH, AL, SWSLS SotSwJW (watch me get lazier). I know you might not believe me but my radio goes on v early, usually in time for AR, and just stays where it is until late Sunday night when MB says it's time to pack your bags for tomorrow and put out some clean kit. Hooray for us.

    But first we have an ARF to perform and I'm going for 1989 please for your ARFO tune. Home and Away debuts on ITV, Frank Bruno fights Mike Tyson in Las Vegas, Paxo debuts on Newsnight and your host is a chirpy breakfast chap on hot rockin' Radio 1FM 'playing all the hits for you wherever you may be, the bright good morning voice' etc. Tunes please!

    Oh and Mick Jagger is on the film show in case you fancy it.

    5pm then

  4. Bring a packed lunch

    Thursday 20 November 2014, 09:41

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    The fast lane to rural Essex is a glamorous one indeed. I am typing slowly as I don't want to miss the view. But it's a show day of course- already I'm excited by the thought of a top show tonight- so I can always catch up on the sights on the way back in.
    I realise I'm worried about Nigel. Last week's pie was clearly a blip. He seems determined to make me (and all normal folk obviously) question his sanity. I don't mind a challenge. I like muffins. I like bacon. In moderation, I'll even take beetroot. But what right minded person is going to put them altogether? I mean really Nige. What happened...

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  5. Floppy felt hat

    Wednesday 19 November 2014, 09:22

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Toast and Marmalade for breakfast. This is a good thing (even with wicked, wicked sourdough). It was inspired by a) having nothing else in the fridge and b) Paddington Bear. It is true to say that never has so much marmalade been consumed/made/splashed than in this new movie. It's a live action film with some animation and CGI for the bear-splendidly voiced by Ben Wishaw (and when you see it you'll realise why Colin Firth thought he was all wrong for the part). A PG is the right certificate probably as the Nicole Kidman baddie is splendidly Cruella DeVille-like. But Toy Story was  a PG too, many...

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  6. 70% cocoa

    Tuesday 18 November 2014, 10:25

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Tuesdays. Great things happen on Tuesdays, there's no need to be afraid. Wednesday is just around he corner. Time for porridge?

    I saw two films yesterday, one after the other. It's a peculiar way to spend the day really (and can't really be called work, any more than playing records can). As I reclined into my large, tilting seat with a large coffee and the lights dimmed my main concern was where on earth the next screening was. Fortunately Mark Kermode was on hand to point one of his large hands in the right direction. So I spent the morning underwater with Jude Law in a submarine and the afternoon...

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  7. Jungle Rock contd

    Monday 17 November 2014, 08:53

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Lovely warm and dry morning  here, the sun breaking through and cheering us all as we skip to work. Our hearts are full as we exchange warm-hearted greetings and conversation with all our neighbours. They respond with good grace and offer you gifts  along with a selection of home-made jams and chutneys. I think that's right anyway.
    Good to see a (insert collective noun here...host? gaggle? shoal?) of bloggers at the CiN phone bank on Friday. And how nice to be germ free this time. Well done to all and thanks for the unflagging cheeriness.
    Book club today with international best seller Jodi Picoult...

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  8. #wecanlandonacometbutwecantgettheblogtowork

    Friday 14 November 2014, 09:47

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well medals all round for even still being here. All I can say is that there's a new er, device/system/machine/shinything that's being put in place next week to make everything better. Apparently. Apologies for the umpteenth time. We move on, heads raised into the squalls...

    Well the phones are already ringing/buzzing/vibrating as the Children In Need calls come in. And that could well be you guys at the other end so lets just call up for a chat, see how things are in damp old London down. Hope everyone has fabulous time-it's a long day!

    That jukebox will be red hot by the time we get control of...

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  9. Rosetta are you better...

    Thursday 13 November 2014, 14:01

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    ...are you well well well. I loved that Fame and Price song from 1971 (and watching it now on an old TOTP-nice jumpers lads) Anyway that was a great, mind-boggling story yesterday from millions of miles away. There's a hashtag now which is #wecanlandonacometbutwecan't and then you can add whatever gripe you like. Take cover...
    And how much did we love David Gilmour yesterday? When he came in singing along to his own song we nearly exploded. Can't see anyone selling 250 million albums these days. And he was delightful company too. Next year then for his solo album (not this year as he said! That...

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  10. 67p?

    Wednesday 12 November 2014, 10:22

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    The road to Swindon is paved with turn-offs to Didcot. But what picturesque scenes can be viewed in transit. More poor schoolchildren need a visit to take them out of chem/hist/fr/geog/alg/lat/phys/bio etc and I am that visit. En route I shall prepare for the arrival of David Gilmore. Yes that's David Gilmore folks, guitarist, writer and vocalist with Pink Floyd. The Endless River is the new album which started off as music from The Division Bell sessions in 1993. Last year David and Nick Mason revisited the music and decided that the tracks should become part of the Pink Floyd canon. They've rerecorded, upgraded and noodled and the result is this new album; a tribute they say to Rick Wright their keyboard player who died in 2008. And this is it apparently, there is no more new Pink Floyd after this. DG after 6

    And I love the 'landing on a comet' story. The European Space Agency has given the final "go" for its audacious landing attempt to land a thing on the catchily named Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It's launch is from the Rosetta satellite and is very exciting (I think). Songs for landing on a comet? You know you can.

    Meantime I've only reached Reading...

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