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  1. Ready If You Are

    Friday 29 August 2014, 07:56

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Friday already. A warm weekend seems on the cards and shorts may well reappear, albeit briefly. End of summer sun is always fabulous. The Don Henley track Sunset Grill last night captured the feeling-almost as well as his Boys of Summer.


    I'm back on the 2 show Friday routine with the movie show returning. We've been off or disrupted so regularly Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame is our guest, starring in Million Dollar Arm, a true story about an attempt to find baseball stars in India. He's a suave one is Jon (like you don't know that) and he is very watchable in this movie, though it is no Slumdog Millionaire.


    Then to R2 and another top ARF for you with 1963 being the opening year chosen by the Drivetime elves and fairies.  It's Harold MacMillan! It's Please Please Me! It's Ice Station Zebra! It's primary school (missed the first day, parents got wrong day. I'm over it)! What do you fancy?


    2 and 5 then.

  2. Extra relish

    Thursday 28 August 2014, 08:25

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Here we go again ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to another Thursday drivetime blog. Thanks for the new term stuff yesterday-I'm really rather keen to get everything back on track now. This school holiday has gone on long enough! We're all out of things to do, games to play and trips that are worth the money. I'm not wishing time away, just keen for education to kick in again. I realise pupils, teachers and students may well disagree here but they're wrong ! Bring on the new term! (children 1, 2 and 3 don't read this nonsense so I'm not expecting any comeback domestically speaking).



    Showday brings us another foodie fursday and Nigel with lamb burgers and avacado and feta. Plus yesterday was National Burger Day  so this is as close as we could come. Chris has many pies on breakfast today and as we share a studio I'm suspecting a pie/burger crossover with his leftovers mixing with Nigel's fresh ingredients. A good burger is a wonderful thing (eaten occasionally) so a shame I had one yesterday...Can we do BURGER oldies? I think we probably can...



    Pies for breakfast, burgers for tea. Maybe a no lunch day today...


  3. Cutting a dash

    Wednesday 27 August 2014, 08:21

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    What excitement awaits? A morning of book chat with our selection committee ruminating on the next 3 months, that's what! All meetings are overrated but this one sneaks through as 1) it's really important 2) the boss attends 3) good biscuits and 4) I like pretending I'm still at Uni but studying Eng Lit and we are a decadent group of bohemian ne'er-do-wells listening to Dylan and discussing Emily Dickinson.


    We are smoking French cigarettes and sipping espressos. Someone will reference Proust and we'll all laugh knowingly. My cape will attract appreciative glances from all, as well as the way I have matched it with an assortment of wild flowers in my hair. Bet you wish you were there huh? No photos aloud sadly.

    Meantime, back in the office, the show is on the way. Catherine Tate is in today to talk about the return of Big School, David Walliams BBC1 comedy series. She is such a great actress and no stranger to Radio 2 either; the shows she did with David Tennant were riotous.


    And I think songs for the NEW TERM might work. Scottish schools are back already, everyone else in the next few days, but with Big School on TV, today is the day to remember that back-to-school feeling, and go...

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  4. Too many pies

    Tuesday 26 August 2014, 08:10

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    I had 2 pies with gravy and cheesy mash over the weekend (not at the same time you understand). And now a week of salad and super foods beckons. Don't show me crisps, I don't need them. Don't waft your chocolate bar in my face, I have renounced its seductive powers. Back in the old routine here, it appears to be non-stop till Christmas. Yes I know but that appears to be the case. No pies till the mince appears.

    NEW Book Club today with Linda Newbery's Quarter Past Two On  A Wednesday Afternoon. A missing sister, family secrets, fabulous drama. There's a chapter here folks-see what you think then...

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  5. Thank Tony it's Friday

    Friday 22 August 2014, 09:10

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    A fast getaway from Edinburgh, then a jolly wait at the airport in the company of Tony Blackburn and Debbie his wife. As you might have heard on Wednesday's show, he was up to see his daughter's play and very successful it had been too. We sat in the special pen reserved for ageing radio personalities, the specially padded and supportive seats were most appreciated. But it was a good tired, not a bad tired, an important difference. Good because we'd had a blast and yesterdays show was pretty solid I thought. Tom Kitchin and Holly Walsh's exchange over the game chips was priceless, Jason Byrne's...

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  6. A Final Flourish

    Thursday 21 August 2014, 08:34

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Damp, cloudy, autumnal. Dreich indeed (spellcheck needs to get with some Old Scots dialect). Splendid times in the tent last night with not just the live show but also a Book Club special with a live-streamed chat with 3 authors who we have featured on the show. John Boyne, Kate Mosse and Joseph Boyden were all fascinating and insightful and John and Kate read exclusive extracts from their new books. If you missed the streaming, it'll be posted on our web pages soon.

    Then we had a curry and Sara Cox came along for a free papadum. Edinburgh is full of delightful surprises. Today we offer you the...

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  7. The Bluest Tent

    Wednesday 20 August 2014, 08:16

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well well. Just when you don't expect it. There we were cruising nicely with the twin treats of John Lloyd and Sofie Gråbøl (top keyboard skills here) on stage. An innocent question about subtitles...and then that happened. Who'd have thought it?

    Cultural differences I believe are to blame as Sofie explained that everything is OK in Denmark. My view of the audience was quite something as 300 hands covered 300 mouths as 300 gasps were heard and John Lloyd said that was an old Danish word for fish. Apologies made, we swing into Wednesday with a jaunty swagger (overstating only slightly).


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  8. Thickest knit in town

    Tuesday 19 August 2014, 08:31

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Sunny and chilly dawns the Edinburgh day. Guilt-inducing breakfast has been poked at-much brisk walking needed to counteract its toxic effects. The warmest place in town is the BBC tent on Potterow where much drinking is needed to keep hydrated (as you might have noticed). 

    Getting into the swing of things here after a good time yesterday with Paul Carrack, Greg Proops, Ian Rankin and co. with lots of blogger representation on the front row! Setting the standard!
    Today we have our thickest jumpers on as we get a regal visit from the imperious Sofie Grabol, famously detective Sarah Lund in the The Killing. She's in town starring as Queen Margaret in James III: The True Mirror-it's her first theatre performance in English and I'm very excited.

    Plus The Shires are our house band, and John Lloyd is back. The creator of Spitting Image, QI and Not The Nine O'Clock News is presenting a spin-off show from his Radio 4 series The Museum of Curiosity right here. And he wants to tell you all about it.

    PLUS! Russell Grant on the celebrity confession stage so how about songs for the PLANETS and THE HEAVENS and THE CONSTELLATIONS and that kind of thing...

    Wrapping up warm then.

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  9. Hat and scarf

    Monday 18 August 2014, 08:24

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    I don't really enjoy writing this on my phone. Happy to stab a text or compose a tweet but the blog should be written in the office, with a coffee and a big screen on which to type. Instead this is London City Airport and I'm queuing for a calorie laden, heart stopping bun to ease the pain of a sleepless night. Such is my terror of missing the flight that I-as normal - wake up every ten bloomin' minutes just to check the clock. So a pastry I need and a pastry I shall have.

    And it sets the tone for this week which I suspect will feature very few slim-line breakfasts.

    We are Edinburgh-bound again and...

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  10. All arty and everything

    Friday 15 August 2014, 07:47

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Cool and gloomy around the estate, I'm refusing to turn the lights on as I'm pretending it's still the height of summer. But in a quick comparison test with the BBC weather app, we have many more of Mr Celcius's degrees in London than Edinburgh does. We are wrapping up well in preparation. Suddenly it's autumn, the schools are back and actors/comedians/eccentrics are eager for your for your custom. It isn't possible to go out and buy cabbage without a clown jumping you with a fistful of leaflets and lungfuls of merriment. Hopefully that'll be obvious once we take to the air!

    Today however we have...

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