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  1. Wayfarers on bab

    Wednesday 23 April 2014, 09:41

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Those with soft tops have (on my journey's evidence) been showing off today. Their journey might be slow and fume-filled but by heck they want you to see they're catching a few April-strength rays. Me, I'm in a poky enclosed minicab bouncing and swerving around London's most speed-humped streets. Jealous?

    Another set of innocent pupils are about to sit through my totally terrific talk and wonder why they couldn't be in Maths.

    Then a jaunty return to R2 towers where Lisa Stansfield drops by for the show. 25 years after topping the charts with All Around The World she has a new album and is singing the soulful stuff she became associated with. On the basis of what I've heard, her voice is as rich as ever and she's very welcome back.

    And oldies please on MUMBLING. A top subject I think and all because Jamaica Inn viewers couldn't hear the actors dialogue. This is quite a regular complaint with viewers and you would imagine one that is easy to rectify. Radio sound folk always think TV sound is inferior anyway, so we all nod wisely at this point. Mumbling, incomprehensible tunes welcome.

    Essex beckons. See you at 5

  2. Too many buns

    Tuesday 22 April 2014, 09:52

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

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    Way, way too many buns. They're magnificent of course and the smell of the hit and cross variety is a highlight of Easter but they taunt and mock me from the bread bin. They call to me in the night and I am weak. Soon they will be all gone and fruit and dull breakfasts will return but until then...just one more packet to go...

    And as I write 893 posts to the blog while I have been elsewhere, so my guess was hopelessly out. Thanks for keeping it all ticking over so splendidly and Ryan and Richard for doing the shows. I have been very cultural and been at numerous exhibitions, galleries and whatnot. You'd have been impressed (although asking for discount at the Viking exhibition at the British Museum in London on the grounds that my DNA is Viking didn't work out too well).

    Book club today with Claire North's The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August. She's not really Claire North but actually Catherine North. I'm not sure why it's been shrouded in mystery and why it is a secret at all but as you know writers are very strange. It's a memorable read. What i can tell you is that Harry August is on his deathbed, nearing the end of his eleventh life, when a little girl appears at his bedside...

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  3. Never been used before

    Friday 11 April 2014, 09:48

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    (thanks to Jennie W I now know I'm safe with that one, top research!)
    Here we are then. The weekend (and a week off) beckons just as it clouds over. My memories of Easter holidays are associated with freezing temps and snow everywhere so no complaints from me-this is balmy indeed! Caravanning in the New Forest, as the condensation freezes on the inside of the caravan windows-that's my abiding memory of these holidays. Oh and ice in the chemical toilet now I come to think of it. Anyway We are grateful for 13 degrees if that is all we have.
    No film show for me today as esteemed actor David Morrissey takes the helm again so it is straight to ARF for me and 1974 will be our ARFO year. Tom Baker is the new Dr Who, its the 3 day week (oh joy) and we are awash with Bay City Rollers, Yes, Abba and Paper Lace. Wide lapels. Big hair. We have photos.
    5pm then!
    (and I'll have a go at 578 blog entries while I'm away)
  4. lightly salted cheese

    Thursday 10 April 2014, 09:14

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well that works for me. Morning to all bloggers.The thing about holidays is that they seem to be harder work than work. Thinking of things for everyone to do is exhausting. I know they should work these things out for themselves but somehow it never works out like that. I'm off next week but might just come into work anyway and bring everybody. Chris brought Noah in today and the BBC is FULL of tours ALL the time so maybe we'll just walk around the 'creative clearings' as seen on the painfully accurate W1A last night. (I want a creative clearing by the way. I had a word with Tony and he's right...

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  5. Natural sweetness

    Wednesday 9 April 2014, 09:53

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Sun streaming in here, illuminating every imperfection, both household and personal. Blinds down, sunglasses on. The house is also bursting at the seams with a full compliment of wives and children and a mound of washing the size of Everest. I might have lots of work to take me out of the house...I'll get the head of values to sort out some meetings.
    On the show today after 6, Dermot O'Leary and the sole survivor of 81 Squadron Eric Carter. In 1941 he and RAF colleagues were dispatched on a top secret mission to help defend the port of Murmansk in northern Russia against the Nazis. The project was...

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  6. Sweet apricot kernels

    Tuesday 8 April 2014, 09:39

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Yup don't think I've used that one before. Good morning to all bloggers, bright sunny and cool here. Warm radiators too. None of this 'central heating off' nonsense just yet; April can be a pesky month!  Off to the airport today to welcome back Wife 1 and child 1 who have been in Brazil for 2 weeks. I have kept everything on an even keel-everything that needs to be is clean, swept or ironed-and I have cooked my 4 meals in perfect rotation. No one has been ill or badly behaved. Very few take aways have been ordered. Brownie points have been earned, enough to last till Easter surely. There may yet...

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  7. Sprig of mint

    Monday 7 April 2014, 09:50

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Yes, I've gone back to kitchen ingredients. Friday's blog was late because the system gets confused if I've used a title before. So extra work has to go into coming up with a title I've never used before. So sprig of mint should be fine, but we shall see. Prepare for part two of a tour around the larder/fridge/shopping bag.

    Good weekend? A little twitching from me, in the company of some wise bird spotters who singled out a Cetti's Warbler, a Great Tit, a Heron, a buzzard, chaffinch (which get capitals? I'm confused) and a million coots. And I had a packed lunch which, in the great tradition of...

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  8. So it's a great big well done everyone

    Friday 4 April 2014, 10:52

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    (especially Canute on getting his job) Here we are then with another lovely Friday to embrace, hope all is good with all DT bloggers everywhere. Enjoyed Michael Palin yesterday, always a fascinating conversation. And to state the obvious, he charms the pants off everyone he meets. He has the twinkle in the eye still and is clearly looking forward to the O2 and making each other laugh. And us hopefully. Lots more Python to come...
    Film show today with Darren Aronofsky the director of Noah, the big new movie of the week (or 'wet gladiator' as Mark K is calling it) and then some serious ARF action...

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  9. Something completely different

    Thursday 3 April 2014, 09:25

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Well it is for a Thursday anyway. Having had our food a day early, we welcome Michael Palin to the show tonight. Now this is a good and a bad thing. Routine is good, Nige on a Thursday is good. Confusing people is bad. Feeling it's Thursday when it was Wednesday is bad. However! This is how it had to be! Meetings were had, diaries consulted, spreadsheets prepared. And Palin on Thursday is how it all fell. I've spoken to Michael before but the Python stuff was always the last question you asked just because it was so old and feeble; there was nothing he hadn't been asked before. This time it is...

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  10. Rearranging a few things

    Wednesday 2 April 2014, 09:39

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Happy Wednesday to us all. Time for an extra coffee and we'll be ready to go (notice I'm saying 'we' here, an early sign of DJ madness. If it gets worse please tell me). Moving things around today and tomorrow. This is because we are ALL OVER the Monty Python reunion this year and Michael Palin has an announcement to make. And if Michael is going to say something, he'd like to come on the show and say it. Good for him. So MP tomorrow but Thursday is Nigel Day, so rather than hurry him inappropriately we declare a Foody Wednesday which might fail the alliteration test but passes the top guest test...

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