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  1. Just getting on with everything

    Thursday 18 September 2014, 10:13

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Because that's what you have to do. Morning looks warm and lovely to me, that summer wardrobe hanging on in there for a few more days. Love that autumnal heat!

    Now choosing oldies is always a fun thing to do very early in the morning. Usually the choice is obvious-either guest related or tied in some way to the news. On a Thursday however it's Nigel and this Thursday in particular, the news isn't helpful. All best avoided (and there are rules you know). So then, as manna from heaven, arrives news that Pointless has won best game show at the Rose D'Or (it's a thing still apparently). A fine show indeed made by 2 fabulous TV types Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman. So POINTLESS oldies please (which does not mean really rubbish oldies either, just to be clear).

    And slow roast pork with a pontack sauce (an elderberry thing in case you were wondering and assumed I'd look it up for you. Which I did).

    That should cover it.

  2. Manic Wednesday

    Wednesday 17 September 2014, 08:22

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Sniffing again here, dosed up and bleary. I might type rubbish again but won't be able to read it back anyway. So this is it, this is the best I can manage. Omid was fun yesterday and his Rappers Delight wasn't bad. I didn't know he had that in him! There's just a line in his book about rapping at school, so thought I'd give it a go. And that's what came out! I'm sure I have a 17 minute version somewhere. Maybe I'll keep it to myself but it was the age of the 12" and it seemed fun to me. And a 12" on coloured vinyl was truly a thing to cherish.

    Manics today. Yes the Manic Street Preachers are back with a new album Futurology. They keep threatening to make a difficult album, a radio-unfriendly album, but this fortunately is not it! More anthems and strident songs for you and James and Nicky will be here from 6.


    And we could try songs for/about the FUTURE which seems about right to me (and still avoiding the elephant room. But only one more day and the elephant er, goes somewhere else).

    Snivel, dab, sneeze.

    See you at 5

  3. rocknrollradio

    Tuesday 16 September 2014, 08:17

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Me again. Cloudy Tuesday here but plenty of warmth on the way according to my BBC weather app. We carry on doing our Drivetime thing regardless of all the news elsewhere-it can be fully covered by Jeremy.  


    Music radio comes into its own again at times when you want to shout at, shall we say, those who are dominating the talking. I do wander elsewhere for the news occasionally but very soon am driven back screaming...you know what I'm saying. I feel I maybe listening to NONSTOP Radio 2 very soon.

    Thanks for all the recent blog activity-those er, longer posts are quite something (no one can complain about this). Your commitment is appreciated.
    Today Omid Djalili is on the show today-actor and funny guy. His memoir is called Hopeful and is a fascinating story of a family who came from Iran and settled here and how Omid ended up in stand up. And would HOPE work for songs today? Yes I jolly well think it will. Hopeful hits it is.

    And watch out for that news...

  4. Out of the Blue

    Monday 15 September 2014, 07:53

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    What a lovely week looming ladies and gentlemen of the blog! Weather looks set fair for most and the show is looking shiny and sparkly. A few weary limbs today it's true as the clearing up process in Hyde Park continues (this is a metaphor, I suspect it's already spick and span but you get my drift) but what a great day was had. I wasn't there for all of it as a large family gathering of child 2's 21st weekend-long celebrations took a few merry hours but when I got there, Hyde Park was abouncin' and arockin'. And ELO were just fabulous, with Jeff's voice sounding great and the production first...

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  5. Spatula, breadbin, gravy

    Friday 12 September 2014, 08:25

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    There. That should be perfectly safe. Haven't chosen that title before. No more Fiddler On The Roof references for me...

    Child 2 had a very nice pizza thank you. We even had salads and garlic bread (splashing the cash). Tonight we hunker down for the party, the clearing up, the family gathering, the clearing up. Then it'll it be a swift hop to the Hyde Park gig on Sunday. The line up looks the best ever I'd say, and who can imagine we'd be seeing Jeff Lynne do his ELO thing again? That should be quite something.

    2 shows today with Bill Nighy the film show guest-he's also on Drivetime on Monday! He...

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  6. Sunrise and Sunset

    Thursday 11 September 2014, 08:47

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Time to blog? Are you kidding? Do you think I'm made of minutes? It's a bit full on here as you might be aware. Anyway the only thing I'm allowed to tell you about is that it is child 2's 21st birthday today and we are old, very old. I took extended paternity leave from the breakfast show in 1993 and never returned as there had been a management take over while I was off (always a reason for nervousness). Meantime child 2 is asleep (quelle surprise). Her lovely birthday present (it might be a book, you never know) awaits.Then pizza and champagne (or chips and cola if she'd rather. I'm happy to...

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  7. 11 o'clock, tick tock

    Wednesday 10 September 2014, 07:58

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    And after all that, Gary Kemp was wearing a cardigan. I mean really. We've all got cardigans Gary. But what fun with the Spandaus. I really enjoyed having the guys in and the new song sounds like classic Spandau to me. And trust Trevor Horn to get it sounding just right. And speaking of new music, I have the new Robert Plant, the new Queen and the new Chrissie Hynde. But I haven't got the U2 which everyone has been gifted. Followed the instructions and everything...Oh well Chris is playing loads so that will do. Top new idea though-'here's the album whether you want it or not'. Not sure what I...

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  8. Fine and Dandy

    Tuesday 9 September 2014, 07:56

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Breakfast with the Spandaus. Instead of my PJs I have a new romantic ruff, silk tights and a baggy lace shirt. It's a wow and everyone loves the look. No one is laughing. They are jealous and that is the end of it. I am watching the new Spandau documentary ahead of their appearance on the show tonight. It's called Soul Boys Of The Western World and is really rather good. Our 80s gallery is going great guns too with some spectacular before and after pics coming in (yours to simonmayo@bbc.co.uk). The hair is particularly spectacular. Rebecca has provided, Matt has not. Maybe that says everything...

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  9. The Other One

    Monday 8 September 2014, 08:08

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    A warm week of September weather ahead, a day in Hyde Park and some lovely shows planned...hope the weekend was tiptop. Here it was taxi and pick up service, a few words of a story and a re-watching of Speed, the Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves action pic from, unbelievably, 1994. Child 1 had seen it but child 3 hadn't (what with it having a few Sofie Grâbøl-style words here and there. Actually everywhere). Still a tense, exciting movie even when you know what happens-apart from the silly final 20 minutes. Only the size of the mobile phones and weediness of the computers gave the game away that it...

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  10. Bubble perms and aran sweaters

    Friday 5 September 2014, 08:44

    Simon Mayo Simon Mayo Presenter

    Good old Nick Heywood (swoon). All this 80s talk is making me dust off my bandana and ripped jeans. The 'before and after' gallery should be painful viewing. I've never worn jodhpurs but having heard that Nick is still getting away with it, I'm tempted. My guess is most of you have some 80s photos from this era tucked away somewhere. If you felt like sharing simonmayo@bbc.co.uk will gratefully receive them all.
    2 shows today and Nicole Kidman leads the way onto the film show to talk Before I Go To Sleep. You may well remember SJ Watson coming on the show when the  book first came out; the film...

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