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Dyslexia 'makes kids deaf'

SH Line Producer | 11:57 UK time, Thursday, 12 November 2009

You may remember our recent item on classroom acoustics on See Hear. Well apparently noisy classrooms can affect youngsters' hearing as well as reading ability, scientists have claimed.

Kids with Dyslexia have difficulty listening to teachers above background classroom noise. The findings could see new ways of diagnosing sufferers based on hearing tests. It may also see them put at the front of class or provided with wireless devices to pick up information better.

Read more about this story at the Daily Mirror


  • Comment number 1.

    Hello im 24 and i am dyselxic, not sure exactly what kind cuz i left school before i was told. i find the information very interesting as i can relate to alot of the dyslexcia simtoms. it would be helpful to know what the different types of dyslecia are call, and what the simtoms are for each one. i would be thankful you for further educating me on the matter.


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